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Erasmus Mundus Students

Enrolment and registration at the University of Coimbra (UC)

The enrolment and registration of the students selected to take Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees at UC are done by the contact persons of the degrees, identified below, in collaboration with the UC Academic Management Service and the students themselves.

Consortium/ Master Degree


Appointments by email

Faculty/ Department
Corresponding degree at the UC
ALA: Master on Architecture, Landscape and Archaeology

Prof. Paulo Providência (

Vanessa França


Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Sciences and TechnologyMaster on Architecture, Landscape and Archaelogy
EuroPhilosophie: Philosophies allemande et française dans l’espace européen

Prof. Diogo Ferrer (

Raquel Sampaio (

Department of Philosophy, Communication and Information of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in French and German Philosophies: Contemporary Challenges
GeoPlaNet - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Planetary Geosciences

Prof. Fernando Lopes


Prof. Alexandra Pais


Prof. João Fernandes


Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Physics

Department of Mathematics

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Master in Astrophysics and Instrumentation for Space
NEURASMUS: A European Master in Neuroscience

Prof. Carlos Duarte 


Departament of Life Sciences

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Master's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology
ReD Global - Religious Diversity in a Globalised WorldProf. Delfim Leão
Prof. Margarida Miranda
Department of Philosophy, Communication and Information of the Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesMaster's Degree in Classical Studies
TRIBOS: Joint European Master in Tribology of Surfaces and InterfacesProf. Buno Trindade ( of Mechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology
Joint European Master on Tribology of Surfaces and Interfaces
Waves: Acoustics Vibrations Engineering SoundProf. Paulo Amado Mendes
Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences and TechnologyMaster Course on Acoustic and Energy Efficiency for a Sustainable Construction
WOP-P: Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology

Prof. Leonor Pais (

Alice Oliveira (

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
Master on Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology

Scholarships and insurance

For further information about the scholarships and the insurance coverage provided to Erasmus Mundus master students, please contact the Consortium Coordinator University through the contacts available in the relevant consortium website (links provided above).