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Awards and Distinctions

The national and international recognition and prestige of the School of Psychology and Education Sciences is reflected in particular in the prizes and mentions that the Faculty, as well as its teachers, receive in various events and evaluation procedures.

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (in the field of Psychology) was selected to integrate a restricted group of 60 reference Universities (Excellence Group), taking into account six indicators: publications and references as research indicators and as indicators of internationalization, student mobility, teacher mobility and the existence of Erasmus Mundus Masters Course. Considering these indicators, and within the Excellence Group, the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Coimbra was awarded three stars.


The Faculty

The School of Psychology has been recognized, nationally and internationally, as a prestige school in its various teaching fields. In addition it has awarded distinctions which testify and increment its level of recognition.

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College of Teachers

The College, through its teachers and researchers, has been recognized in several events, national and international, as a School of Excellence in the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

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Dos estudantes da FPCEUC

Faculty Students

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