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Maria José Azevedo Santos

She is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra, Director of the University of Coimbra Archives and is also a Researcher and Director of the Publication Sources line of research at the Centre for the History of Society and Culture. She was also President of the management committee of the Specialization Course in Library Sciences. She is a Correspondent Academic of the Portuguese Academy of History, founding partner of the Medieval Studies Society and an elected member of the Paléographie Latine International Committee.

She has devoted a great part of her research and teaching to medieval Latin and Portuguese palaeography and codicology. She is the author of many books and articles amongst which the following may be highlighted: Estudos da Diplomática Portuguesa [“Studies on Portuguese palaeography”], Colibri, Faculdade de Letras de Coimbra, 2001 (co-written) pp.75-91; 167-190; 233-256; As comunicações na Idade Média [“Communication in the Middle Ages”], coordinated by Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho, ed. Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Lisboa, 2002. Capítulo IV: A génese e a expedição de cartas – “Na volta do correio. A correspondência de D. Pedro, duque de Coimbra (1429-1448)” [Chapter IV: The genesis and sending of letters – “Return of mail. D. Pedro, the Duke of Coimbra’s correspondence (1429-1448)”], FPC, Lisboa, 2002, pp. 191-218; Jantar e cear na corte de D. João III ["Dinners and suppers in the court of D. João III”], editors: Cenre forthe History of Society and Culture and the City Hall of Vila do Conde, Vila do Conde, Coimbra, 2002, 156 pp; Homenagem da Misericórdia de Coimbra a Armando Carneiro da Silva [“An homage by the Misericórdia de Coimbra to Armando Carneiro da Silva”], (scientific coordination), ed. Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Coimbra and Palimage Editores, Coimbra/Viseu, 2003, 230 pp; Assina quem sabe e lê quem pode. [“Those who know will sign, and those who can will read.”] Reading, transcription and study of a list of moradias from the House of Catherine of Austria (1526) (1526). Forward written by Carlos Sáez, ed. Coimbra University Press, 2004, pp. 139.