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Global Engagement

Tackling Global Challenges and Sustainable Development

The University of Coimbra's vision is to be a globally engaged university, opened to cooperation with partners from diverse parts of the world, which share common education, research and development goals. This is reflected in its comprehensive internationalisation strategy aiming to increase the capacity and the visibility of the contribution of UC to tackle global challenges and make societies fairer and sustainable.

Within the scope of the internationalisation strategic priorities of UC, here we present a selection of initiatives, research projects and cooperation and development partnerships, across a breadth of interdisciplinary areas, such as active and healthy ageing, environmental sustainability, justice and science teaching, which make a meaningful and socially responsible contribution to the world.

Healthy Ageing

› Ageing@Coimbra

› M8 Alliance

Environmental Sustainability

› UNESCO Chair in Biodiversity and Conservation for Sustainable Development

› EfS - Energy for Sustainability

Justice and Human Rights

› G7+ : New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States

› ETHOS - Towards a European THeory Of juStice and fairness

› GROUNDHR - Challenges of Grounding Universal Human Rights

Refugee Support

› UC special channel for students, academics and professionals with refugee status

› Lend a Hand – Social Inclusion Programming for Migrant and Refugee Children at Primary Schools (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership)

Development Cooperation

› Erasmus+ Capacity Building Projects

› Capacity Building in Africa

› Capacity Building of Young Teachers from Brazil

Science Teaching

› Geosciences Schools Group: José Bonifácio d’Andrada e Silva (Studies on Earth Sciences)

› Delfos - School of Mathematics for Young People

› Quark - School of Physics for Young People

› Postgraduate Studies