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The project Consortium brings together research centers with experience in biotechnology, geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, SMEs working in environmental engineering and using nanoparticles in soils' remediation, governmental organizations and mining companies. This ensures a broad geographical scope and boosts the impact of BIOCriticalMetals, facilitating technological transfer and reducing the time-tomarket of project findings.

The project consortium consists of 11 partners: 3 universities, 2 R&D national institutes specialized in the innovation and innovative production and the participation of 2 SME and 2 mining consortia and 2 governmental institutions. 3 participating partners were already linked by the EIP-RM approved Commitment BioAlMinore, and the proposed multidisciplinary approach required the enlargement of the consortium to specialized partners on complementary scientific and technical fields needed for its development, implementation and up-scaling. Naturally, the distribution of tasks within the project activities had in account each partner skills.