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Ongoing Projects

Projects with companies/entities

Project title Starting date End date PI
Optimization in energy systems (OSE) - ICH2017 2017 2023 Carlos Henggeler
OPTIRED – Optimal management of power networks - ILN2017 2017 2023 Luís Neves
Enhancing the potential of using Energy Audits for improving the Energy Efficiency (EA4EE) - IHB2017 2017 2023 Hermano Bernardo
Study of the impact of renewables of the electricity sector on the national economy - IPS2018 2018 2022 Patrícia Pereira da Silva
PPSN 2018 2019 2022 Carlos Fonseca
Design of Reliable Communication Networks - DRCN2019 2020 2023 Rita Girão Silva
Energy for Sustainability: interdisciplinary research, energy and climate change – IAM2019 2020 2023 António Martins
Artificial intelligence applied to agriculture commodities 2021 2024 Joana Dias

        Projects funded by national/ international programs

        Project title Funding entity Start date End date PI 
        GreenBotics: Intelligent Robotic System for Digital Agriculture PTDC/EEI-ROB/2459/2021 03-01-2022 02-01-2025 C. Premebida (PI, ISR), Gil Gonçalves e Luisa Gonçalves (INESCC) 
        Building HOPE - Building Holistic Optimization of Prosumed Energy Incentive System for Research and Technological Development (SI I&DT) - Projects in co-promotion international partnerships, POCI-01-0247-FEDER-045930 1/10/2020 30/6/2023 M. C. Gameiro (PI UC), C. H. Antunes (INESCC)

        RES4City: Renewable Energies System for Cities

        Horizon Europe, European Commission 1/10/2022 30/09/2025

        Patrícia P Silva (PI. UC)

        C. Henriques, Á. Gomes, M. Tenente,

        A. Gaspar (ADAI)

        H2OforAll Horizon Europe, European Commission 1/11/2022 31/10/2025 Nuno Simões (member research team)
        Fatory  of the Future Universidade de Coimbra 01/04/2021 21/06/2023 Jorge Sá Silva (Coordenation)

          International cooperation actions

          Project title Funding entity Start date End date Scientific responsible
          COST Action CA19130 - Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance - Towards a transparent financial industry COST- European Cooperation in Science and Technology 14/09/2020 13/09/2024 Joana Dias (MC)
          EOSC Future (European Open Science Cloud) EU HORIZON2020 INFRAEOSC-03-2020; Grant Agreement Nº 101017536 2021 2024 Vera Moitinho de Almeida

            Competitive internal projects

            Project title Starting date End date PI
            4FlexMarkets: Optimization Framework for Flexibility Markets 1/5/2023 30/4/2024 Ana Soares
            MyPrivacy: More Data is More Privacy 1/5/2023 30/4/2024 Jorge Sá Silva
            3D Urb UNDER: Capacity building of urban underground 3D Modelling to support engineering projects and planning sustainable actions 1/5/2023 30/4/2024 Luísa Gonçalves
            AGROFlex – Energy Flexibility in Agriculture 1/5/2023 30/4/2024 Marta Lopes
            Methods to Enhance Invasive Alien Species Mapping with Sentinel-2 data, Very High Resolution Satellite Images and images collected with drones 1/5/2023 30/4/2024 Diogo Duarte
            The future of corporate PPAs in Portugal: a risk portfolio assessment 1/5/2023 30/4/2024 Nuno Figueiredo

              Self-financing projects