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Development of the Azores Regional Action Plan for Energy Efficiency

Title: Development of the Azores Regional Action Plan for Energy Efficiency

Start/End Dates: Mar-Dec 2019

Principal investigator: Carlos Henggeler and Luis Neves


António Manuel Oliveira Gomes Martins

Carlos Alberto Henggeler de Carvalho Antunes

Hermano Joaquim dos Santos Bernardo

Humberto Manuel Matos Jorge

Inês Filipa Gomes dos Reis

José Baranda Ribeiro

Luís Miguel Pires Neves

Marta Alexandra dos Reis Lopes

Nuno Miguel da Silva Faria

Paulo Filipe de Almeida Ferreira Tavares

Pedro Mendes de Lacerda Peixoto de Magalhães


The Action Plan for Energy Efficiency for the Autonomous Region of Azores encompasses the strategy aggregating a set of energy efficiency programs and actions to be implemented in the most relevant areas of the regional economy. Actions are being developed for the industrial, residential, commerce and services, transportation, agriculture and fisheries and public administration sectors, including the identification of the legislative instruments and funding programs to necessary to increase the impact of the actions implementation. Moreover, this project aims to develop energy efficiency manuals to inform and sensitise the bodies responsible for energy management in buildings for the best practices.