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CO2Residenergy@cPT - Climate Change Impacts on Residential Heating and Cooling Energy Demand in the Centre of Portugal

Title: CO2Residenergy@cPT - Climate Change Impacts on Residential Heating and Cooling Energy Demand in the Centre of Portugal

Principal investigator: João António Esteves Ramos

Research team: Sandra Mourato, Cristina Andrade

Dates start/end: 11-2019 / 10-2020


Under future climate change projections, relevant impacts can be expected also on the energy use in buildings, especially their correlations with the prevailing weather conditions. The building energy sector is crucial to achieving emission reductions as it has an important energy-saving potential. In the present project, the potential effects of climate change on changes of heating and cooling energy demand and perceived thermal comfort in the household sector will be investigated.

The evolution of the heating and cooling degree day indicators, the mean outdoor and indoor air temperature, the solar radiation and the heating and cooling season durations are going to be analyzed for three different periods: 1961-1990, 1981-2010 and 2021-2050, over three NUT III regions in the center of Portugal. The temperature data will be retrieved from five high-resolution bias-adjusted EURO-CORDEX 0.11º simulations for two emission representative concentration pathways (RCP4.5 and RCP8.5).

Notable regional differences and trends are expected to be achieved in the building energetic performance results. The impacts of climate change should be an integral component in the design of residential buildings and in the future trends of building envelope requirements. Projections also should help people to understand the scale of climate changes in terms that could influence decisions not only about where to live and work, but also about what energy systems and behaviors should be adopted. A websig, to spatially represent the results, will support project dissemination to stakeholders.