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NEDIPER - New Directions for Performance Evaluation and Resilience in Communication Networks

Title: NEDIPER - New Directions for Performance Evaluation and Resilience in Communication Networks

Principal investigator: Teresa Gomes

Research team: João Clímaco, José Craveirinha, Lúcia Martins, Rita Girão Silva, Paulo Melo, Luísa Jorge, Marta Pascoal

Dates start/end: 10-2016 / 03-2018


Three aspects of routing are explored: multi-attribute (MA) decision models for evaluation and selection of routing methods, bi-criteria approaches for multi-point routing and routing with specified elements. Then resilience requirements are introduced and explored in different contexts.

A formulation of a decision problem focused on the comparison and selection of flow-oriented routing models evaluated through multiple global network performance measures will be made. It will be shown that multi-attribute analysis with the VIP software, which may involve cooperative group decision with a facilitator, is appropriate in this context.

Multi-point routing is a difficult problem, and may involve different objectives. An effective heuristic approach for obtaining a larger set of non-dominated solutions will be pursued and compared with other approaches.

For certain types of applications, with path protection,  each of the paths in the pair must visit each a set of network elements which are specified in advance. New effective algorithms will be developed for calculating disjoint path pairs in this context. New exact combinatorial approaches will be explored for solving the problems of obtaining totally or maximally Shared Risk Link Groups (SRLG)-disjoint path pairs. The spine concept, a sub-network structure embedded at the physical layer, will be explored, namely its use in the context of Software Defined Networking.