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NL-TCC - One-dimensional non-linear analysis of timber-concrete composite members

Title: NL-TCC - One-dimensional non-linear analysis of timber-concrete composite members

Principal investigator: Anísio Andrade

Research team: Fabian Cabrera Exeni

Dates start/end: 10-2016 / 03-2018


The sustainability of all human activities is a matter of major societal concern. This is particularly relevant to the construction industry, one of the larger contributors to resources consumption and waste production. As a result, recent years have seen a substantial increase in the use of timber-concrete composite construction, both for the retrofitting of existing structures and for the construction of new structures. However, accurate and efficient methods of analysis, readily available to practitioners and researchers alike, are still lacking. This project aims at developing, implementing and making available a simple-to-use 1D mixed finite element model for the materially non-linear analysis of planar timber-concrete composite beams.

Timber is a natural material, distinctively heterogeneous and with widely varying mechanical properties. It is also a hygroscopic material, whose properties depend on the environmental exposure conditions. Accordingly, a second main objective of the project is to investigate the influence of the variability of the timber and shear connection properties upon the overall mechanical behaviour of timber-concrete composite members.