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UArribaS - Unmanned Aerial Systems for monitoring coastal cliffs

Title: UArribaS - Unmanned Aerial Systems for monitoring coastal cliffs

Principal investigator: Gil Gonçalves (INESCC)

Research team: Umberto Andriolo (INESCC), Paulo Providência (INESCC), Diogo Duarte (INESCC), Alvaro Gomez Gutierrez (Universidade de Extremadura), Jose Juan de SanJose Blasco (Universidade de Extremadura)

Dates start/end: 01/02/2020 to 30/09/2020


The project aims to develop, test and validate novel UAS-based cost-effective techniques to measure and monitor coastal cliff-faces. The main purpose is to use images acquired by Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to generate cliff-face 3D model datasets applying SfM-MVS (Structure-from-Motion and Multi-View Stereo) Photogrammetry. Coastal Cliff-face (CF) volume changes will be detected comparing results obtained by repeated UAS-surveys, with the final scope of realising high spatial and temporal resolution 4D maps of cliff erosion. Specifically, the project objectives are: i) test and set novel methods to optimize UAS vertical flight planning to monitor CFs; ii) improve UAS-based 3D model generation of vertical structures using SfM-MVS Photogrammetry; iii) develop an efficient change-detection analysis for CF monitoring.