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Decision Deck

Decision Deck

Fundações de apoio à ciência em França, Bélgica e Luxemburgo     

Março 2007- …

Luís Dias

The literature in the field of multicriteria decision aid proposes methodologies that are acknowledged and used in real world decision processes. These methodologies provide useful solutions to complex decision problems that arise in organizations. Several methods have been implemented through software, but these software were developed in an uncoordinated way. The Decision Deck project aims at collaboratively developing Open Source software tools implementing Multiple Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA). These software components implement the common functionalities of a large range of multiple criteria decision aid methods. From a practical point of view, the Decision Deck project works on developing multiple software resources that are able to interact. Consequently, several complementary efforts focusing on different aspects contribute to Decision Decks various goals:

XMCDA : a standardised XML recommandation to represent objects and data structures issued from the field of MCDA. Its main objective is to allow different MCDA algorithms to interact and be easily callable;

XMCDA web services : distributed open source computational MCDA resources, using the XMCDA standard;

diviz : an open source Java client and server for designing, executing and sharing MCDA methods, via the composition of XMCDA web services;

d2 : a rich open source Java software containing several MCDA methods;

d3 : an open source rich internet application for XMCDA web services management.