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Book | Multiobjective Linear and Integer Programming

Publication date: 12-02-2016 15:02


Researchers of INESC-Coimbra published


Book: Multiobjective Linear and Integer Programming (EURO Advanced Tutorials on Operational Research)


  • Henggeler Antunes, Carlos
  • Joao Alves, Maria
  • Climaco, João

Publishing house: Springer International Publishing

Date: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-28746-1 (eBook), 978-3-319-28744-7 (Hardcover)

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About this textbook

This book opens the door to multiobjective optimization for students in fields such as engineering, management, economics and applied mathematics. It offers a comprehensive introduction to multiobjective optimization, with a primary emphasis on multiobjective linear programming and multiobjective integer/mixed integer programming. A didactic book, it is mainly intended for undergraduate and graduate students, but can also be useful for researchers and practitioners. Further, it is accompanied by an interactive software package - developed by the authors for Windows platforms - which can be used for teaching and decision-making support purposes in multiobjective linear programming problems. Thus, besides the textbook’s coverage of the essential concepts, theory and methods, complemented with illustrative examples and exercises, the computational tool enables students to experiment and enhance their technical skills, as well as to capture the essential characteristics of real-world problems.