Coimbra Laser Lab

Coimbra Laser Lab Overview

Coimbra Laser Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory dedicated to the study of interactions between radiation and matter at the molecular level.

It is established at the University of Coimbra, supported by the Portuguese Science Foundation, and is part of LaserLab Europe– A consortium of leading organisations in laser-based research from 16 countries sponsored by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

Coimbra Laser Lab encompasses photochemical, photophysical and spectroscopic studies, from the infrared through the ultraviolet, covering timescales from femtoseconds at room temperatures to ultra slow processes at cryogenic temperatures.

The laboratory is equipped for (femto, pico and nanosecond) laser-induced transient absorption and emission measurements with UV, visible and near-infrared detection, time resolved photoacoustic calorimetry both for solutions and thin films, time resolved fluorescence decay and anisotropy measurements, fluorescence microscopy, vibrational photochemistry and low temperature matrix isolation studies. It also has facilities for working with complex systems such as supercritical fluids, or for narrow band near-infrared excitation, and a cell culture laboratory.

Current work focuses on areas such as photodynamic therapy, organic and polymeric photovoltaics for solar energy conversion, optical sensors, matrix isolation photochemistry, hot vibrational chemistry, properties of transient species, photocatalysis, light emitting devices, biological systems such as DNA compaction and skin permeation studies by luminescent techniques, and applications of photochemistry to art conservation.

Coimbra Laser Lab welcomes proposals for scientific collaborations and shares the research facilities and human resources with the scientific community.