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Lino Santos

Lino Santos

Lino de Oliveira Santos

Assistant professor

PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Coimbra, 2001

Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Coimbra, 1990

BSc in Chemical Engineering, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra, 1986

E-mail address
Teaching activites

Processes Supervision

Chemical Engineering Laboratories

Chemical Process Safety

Sustainability and Industrial Ecology

Research group
Process Systems Engineering (GEPSI)
Research interests

Nonlinear model predictive control

Process modelling, control, and optimization

Funded research projects

APCFAME (2008-2011) - Advanced control of biodiesel production from waste cooking oils", funded by “QREN via programa regional Mais Centro e União Europeia via programa FEDER”. Membros do consórcio: Ciengis, S.A. (promotor líder),  FCTUC, Space Ecocombustíveis, Lda. (parceiro associado).

DYNOPT (2009-2011) - Optimização Dinâmica e Controlo Avançado de Processos Químicos / Dynamic optimization and advanced control of chemical processes. Coordenação: N. M. C. Oliveira (FCTUC). PTDC-/EQU-ESI/73458/2006.

Key publications

A.S.R. Brásio, A. Romanenko, J. Leal, L.O. Santos, N.C.P. Fernandes (2013). Nonlinear model predictive control of biodiesel production via transesterification of used vegetable oils, Journal of Process Control, 23, 1471-1479

M.R. García, C. Vilas, L.O. Santos, A.A. Alonso (2012). A robust multi-model predictive controller for distributed parameter systems, Journal of Process Control, 22, 60-71

A.S.R. Brásio, A. Romanenko, L.O. Santos, N.C.P. Fernandes (2011). Modeling the effect of mixing in biodiesel production, Bioresource Technology, 102, 6508-6514

L. O. Santos, L. Dewasme, A.-L. Hantson, A. Vande Wouwer (2010). Nonlinear model predictive control of fed-batch cultures of micro-organisms exhibiting overflow metabolism. 2010 IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control (MSC), Yokohama, Japan, pp. 1608-1613

L. O. Santos, L. T. Biegler, J. A. A. M. Castro (2008). A tool to analyze robust stability for constrained nonlinear MPC. Journal of Process Control, 18, 383-390

A. Romanenko, L. O. Santos (2007). A nonlinear model predictive control framework as free software: outlook and progress report. Assessment and Future Directions of Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, R. Findeisen, F. Allgöwer, and L. Biegler (Eds.), LNCIS 358, Springer, Berlin, 229-238

A. Romanenko, L. O. Santos, P. A. F. N. A. Afonso (2004). Unscented Kalman Filtering of a Simulated pH System. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 43, 7531-7538

L. O. Santos, P. A.F.N. A. Afonso, J. A.A.M. Castro, N. M. C. Oliveira, L. T. Biegler (2001). On-line implementation of nonlinear MPC: an experimental case study. Control Engineering Practice, 9, 847-857

Theses supervision

Jaquelino Rosa.Modeling, optimization and control of a metal catalyzed living radical polymerization reactor”. PhD thesis, University of Coimbra, Co-supervision with J. F. J. Coelho, and collaboration  with A. Vande Wouwer (University of Mons), ongoing.

João Leal, “Controlo Preditivo Não-linear: Estratégias Computacionais para Implementação Industrial / Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: computational strategies for  industrial implementation”, PhD thesis with industry, University of Coimbra, Co-supervision with A. Romanenko (Ciengis - Advanced Process Control and Optimization), ongoing.

Other information
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0568-917X