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April, 15th10:00 AM, Lisbon Time  – online ZOOM - meeting ID 662 169 5160

Hegel and Tragedy: on Law and Socisl Forms

Dr. Wesley Furlotte, (Thomson Rivers University, Canada): Young Hegel and the Analysis of Social Forms: Comedy, Tragedy, and the Priority of Contradiction.

Dr. Thomas Meyer, (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany): What Oedipus didn’t know. Hegel on Moral Luck and the Solution of the Tragic by Law.

March, 4, 10:00 AM, Lisbon Time  – online ZOOM - meeting ID 662 169 5160

Hegel’s Tragic Difference

Leonie Hunter, substitute professor for philosophy and aesthetics at Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main: Tragedy in Hegel's Critique of the Bourgeois Society.

Jeffrey Reid, Full Professor, Philosophy Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa: Antigone, Mother of God.

February 6, 10:00, Lisbon Time  – online ZOOM - meeting ID 662 169 5160- "Between Oedipus and Antigone: a Philosophical Reflection on Hegel’s Tragedy

Berta M. Pérez. Universitat de València. Hegel's Antigone or the Power of Nothingness

Silvia Locatelli. Universidade de Lisboa (Ph. D.). Antigone and the Natural World: How to Approach the Relation between Nature and Spirit in Hegel.



January 11th Session, 14:30, Lisbon Time - "The Aesthetical and Political Category of the Tragic”

Rachel Falkenstern (St. Francis College, New York) - Hegel on Schiller's Late Romantic Tragic Heroines.

Fancesco Campana (Italian Institute for German Studies) - Tragedy and Irony: On Hegel and the Early German Romantics.

February 17th Session, 14:30, Lisbon Time - "Hegel and political-religious uses of the Feminine Piety”

Pablo Pulgar Moya (Institute of Philosophy, Diego Portales University, Chile) - Mythical Imagination in Hegel and Warburg.

Marloren Lopes Miranda (CAPES/DAAD/PROBAL, Augustana Hochschule, Neuendettelslau, Ansbach, Deutschland) - Piety as the Ethical Gesinnung of Women in Hegel's Philosophy of Right: Elements for an Interpretation.

Attendance is free, but prior registration is required.

ZOOM room - ID :  6621695160

October 25th Session, 14:30, Lisbon Time

online on Zoom meeting ID: 6621695160

Jean- Baptiste Vuillerod - Chargé de recherche FNRS (Université de Namur) - The Tragic Heroes of History: From Schiller to Hegel.

Alberto Giacomelli - Università degli Studi di Padova - Objective Spirit and the Spirit of Music. Some aesthetic considerations on the Attic Tragedy between Hegel and Niestzche.

November 10th Session, 10:00 AM, Lisbon Time (hybrid session)

The November session will be held in presence and online on the 10th of November 10:00 AM Lisbon Time, Room: sala 1, Faculty of Letters / University of Coimbra, 3rd floor.

Online on Zoom meeting ID: 6621695160  

Cristobal Balbontin (Universidade Austral de Chile) - Furorem Antigona! The Tragedy of Antigone as a critique of law.  Plea for a Hegelian social theory of justice.

Kimberly Hutchings (Queen Mary, University of London) - Tragedy and the Philosophy of History: how women trip up the progress of spirit in Hegel’s thought.