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Roads to Care

IEF 1st International Colloquium ROADS TO CARE

10th-12th October 2018

Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra ( FLUC )

Research & Development Unit, Institute for Philosophical Studies ( IEF )

Keynote Speakers: Virginia Held, Thierry Meynard, Jean-Philippe Pierron

The Coimbra Research & Development Unit, "Institute for Philosophical Studies" ( IEF ), publically announces its 1st IEF International Colloquium: ROADS TO CARE, to be held at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra ( FLUC ) on October 10-12th, 2018; see: uc.pt/fluc/uidief

As more than a sign of their extreme vulnerability, contemporary societies find themselves amidst violence and injustice in several different forms. Victims of domestic violence, homeless, unemployed, the sick and elderly people as well as huge waves of refugees escaping from war or the poorest areas of the globe, all due to destabilisation and to ecopolitical and structural fragilities, urge philosophy to reflect upon such an inhuman situation.


1) Care in its Historical formulations ( i.e. from the Greek 'oikeiosis' to the Latin "cura" or "sollicitudo" as well as its more Modern formulations such as "souci de soi", "Sorge", "hospitalité" );

2) Care and its Interdisciplinary Crossroads ( Environmental and Wealth sciences, Ecology, Psychology, Nursing and Social Service, Law, Economy, as well as the entire field covered by what is now being called Curating Studies );

3) Care and its philosophical discussion ( aiming at answering, by different perspectives such as i.e. ontology, ethics, epistemology, analytical philosophy, etc., the following question: "Is there such a thing as a 'philosophy' of care?" ).


All those interested in participating are invited to

contact us through the email: roadstocare@gmail.com

as well as to visit Coimbra!