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Living costs in Coimbra


Coimbra offers students high-quality life at reasonable costs, when compared with other European cities.

As an example, see the grid below with estimated monthly and annual average costs regarding:

  • accommodation [1]: at university residences, double room, including all expenses with water, electricity, gas, internet, TV, weekly laundry service of bed clothing and bathroom towels, utilization of equipped kitchen with micro-waves, fridge, stove, range hood, utilization of washing and drying machine, iron and ironing board, and access to study room;
  • meals [2]: at university canteens, including lunch and dinner for 2,40 euros per each meal;
  • public transports [3]: monthly pass for students up to 25 years old;
  • school materials: books, office supplies, etc.;
  • other expenses [4]: sports, culture, clothing and leisure. The items taken into account include: gym monthly instalment, tennis (1 hour per week), cinema/ show ticket, clothing and one meal at a restaurant.
CostsTotal p/monthTotal p/year (12 months)
Accommodation169,00 €2 028,00 €
School materials75,00 €900,00 €
Transport22,00 €264,00 €
Meals144,00 €1 728,00 €
Other expenses88,00 €1 056,00 €
Totals498,00 €5 976,00 €

[1] There are other accommodation options at the UC residences: single room and double room for single use. Check the different options, conditions and prices here.

[2] UC has 14 university canteens, bars, snacks and buffets, with take away service, which offer a wide variety of food: Portuguese and Mediterranean food, pizzas and pastas, vegetarian dishes and sandwiches. In the snacks and buffets, the prices are around 4 to 11 euros depending on the choice of the dishes.

[3] Given the size of the city, almost everything is located at a walking distance, for instance from the University to the canteens and to the residences, but also to several other city spots. In this way, you can save some money in transports. However, it can be very useful to have a monthly pass that allows you to travel rapidly within the whole city and its surroundings at economical prices.

[4] Coimbra is a friendly city to the young people. With over 30,000 students, it offers several discounts for students in restaurants, bars, shops, hairdresser, beauty shops, public transports, gym, swimming pools, bookshops, theatres, cinema, art galleries and museums, among others.

The University of Coimbra has its own medical services that provide general practice examinations and speciality examinations that cost around 5 to 10 euros according to the required type of examination.