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Doutorando da Iniciativa EfS obtém uma de quatro bolsas #ResearchforChange

3 julho, 2020

MAXQDA Research Grants is a VERBI Software initiative that seeks to support students conducting fieldwork for sustainability and sustainable development research projects.

As a part of this initiative, the #ResearchforChange Grant was created to offer financial support and methodological training to student-researchers whose fieldwork aims to study, bring awareness to, and contribute to empowerment initiatives.

EfS PhD student Bruno Miguel de Jesus Cardoso, one of the four grant recipients, is working on the project titled “Energy consumption in the Portuguese water sector: benchmarking, barriers and driving forces to energy efficiency”. 

After his traineeship in a large Portuguese water utility, Cardoso realized that the water sector in Portugal has been neglected in matters concerning energy consumption. Despite all efforts, the energy consumption has not been reduced, partly because this sector is internally resistant to change. 

Hence Cardoso’s research project is literally “Research for Change”. He writes, “Research for Change represents for me more than a grant, it is an incentive, help to reach another level of my goal, because, if I am considered, it will attest that my work has value and can make a difference to society.”

The aim of the research project is to investigate which barriers, according to various stakeholders, forestall energy efficiency in the water sector from being fully exploited. For this purpose, Cardoso will implement several different research methods: he will start with an extensive literature review, then use an online questionnaire with three sections and, finally, conduct semi-structured interviews with the utilities’ employees. 

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MAXQDA Research Blog

Embarking on a Journey with MAXQDA through an Energy Efficiency Analysis of the Portuguese Water Sector: Reviewing Literature

Guest post by Bruno Miguel de Jesus Cardoso, EfS PhD student.