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1. The Enrolment is when a student confirms his/her connection/link to the University, and becomes a UC student, and is assigned a student number. There is one enrolment for each cycle of studies or course.

2. The Registration is the procedure that enables a student to choose the curricular units he/she is going to attend during the academic year. Registration is carried out at the beginning of the academic year at InforEstudante, even if only for curricular units of the 2nd semester.

3. The Curricular Unit is a teaching unit with its own training objectives and contents which entails a registration and assessment which is converted into a final grading (formerly it was known as a course/subject).

4. The Mandatory Curricular Unit is a curricular unit that is included in the study programme the student must attend and get a successful assessment without any chance of replacing it by another unit.

5. The Free Option Curricular Unit is a curricular unit that the student may attend at a Faculty other than the one that delivers the course for which he/she is registered.

6. The Registration on a Full-Time Basis is the option that enables a student to register for a number of ECTS credits of a course, which correspond to the total number of credits/ECTS established for a regular academic year, usually 60 ECTS.

7. The Registration on a Part-Time Basis is the option that enables a student to register for a number of ECTS credits which correspond to a part of the number of credits established for the Registration on a Full-Time Basis.

8. The Semester Registration is the option that enables the student to register only for the curricular units of a semester, thus paying half of the tuition fee of that academic year.

9. The Registration for an Individual Curricular Unit (Avulsa) is the procedure that enables a student to attend curricular units of cycles of studies subsequent to the one for which he/she is registered. For example, if a student is attending a Bachelor’s Degree Course he/she may attend, up to the maximum number of the ECTS credits available for that course, curricular units of Master’s Degree Courses.

10. The Registration for an Isolated Curricular Unit is the procedure that enables a student or other individuals to attend curricular units in accordance with a specific regulation.

11. The Registration of Graduate Trainees at the UC in the 24  months subsequent to the awarding of the Degree and during the period of the professional traineeship, enables the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Holders in these situation to benefit from some rights in accordance with specific regulation.

12. The Tuition Fee is the contribution fee that the student pays for the services provided by the UC. At the time of registration the tuition fee payment plan is created as well as the payment obligation divided into instalments for the whole of the academic year.

13. The Registration Fee is the fee due for the annual registration at the UC, to be paid at the time of the registration (in the majority of the courses/cycles of studies). This fee is €20 (twenty euros) and is paid after the student registers for the academic year by means of ATM references generated immediately after the registration and available at the option “Tuition Fees” at InforEstud@nte.

14. The Fee is the amount paid for specific services as Certificates. A request submitted beyond the deadline entails an extra fee in order to discourage it and minimize its impact on the UC services.

15. The Withdrawal is the procedure by which a student leaves the University of Coimbra before graduating, as opposed to enrolment, and is carried out by means of a formal request (form) to the Academic Management Services (SGA).