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The Academic Management Services (or, as it is more commonly named, the Academic Services) is responsible for the management, organization and provision of services relating to all degree and non-degree instructional matters at the University of Coimbra. These services include all academic matters relating to students’ UC career, from application to the issuance of diplomas and support for job placement and employability services.

Student SupportPlanning and Employability DivisionGraduate and Undergraduate Studies Division
Responsible for providing in-person and telephone assistance for academic related matters to current and former students and applicants. In-person assistance is currently available on the five UC campuses and is responsible for receiving, validating and registering requests, updates student files in the UC information system, issues certificates and diplomas, provides information and completion certificates.  Manages all UC degree and training offerings (study cycles and programs), provides the necessary assistance to all organizational units for the start of each school year, such as the management or study cycles and programs, changes in programs, availability of classes; manages applications to UC and all activities related to employability and job placement including summer internships. Manages the curriculum programs for all study cycles and training programs at UC, from enrollment to graduation. This includes managing registration for classes and special and extraordinary period exams, grade improvement, approving equivalency credits, issuance of certificates, diplomas, doctoral and tenure exams and the registration of foreign qualifications.