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Awards and Scholarships

The University of Coimbra recognises, values and encourages its best students by awarding merit scholarships to students registered for technology specialisation courses, Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s and Master's degree courses and giving awards to the top 3 per cent of UC students.

In addition, the University ensures equal opportunities to the completion of an academic degree, regardless of each student's financial condition, by means of scholarships, thus promoting the fight against withdrawal from studies and rewarding academic success.

Top 3 per cent of Students Award

The University awards the top 3 per cent of students of each course, an annual amount equal to the difference between the minimum and the maximum tuition fee.

Merit Scholarships for National Students

An amount paid annually which is equal to five times the national monthly minimum wage, awarded to the students with the highest grades in each Faculty. Students who are awarded merit scholarships receive a diploma and the scholarship is mentioned in the Diploma Supplement.

Merit Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship awarded to International Students who enter UC by means of exams external to the University. It is an amount paid annually of 7 thousand euros regarding tuition fees and the eligible students are those with an application's grade equal to or higher than 16 (160 points) in the Portuguese grading-scale.

Other Awards

Check the list of awards provided by companies and foundations.

General Scholarships (in portuguese)

Scholarships available to Portuguese and European Union students. 

For further information, please check the webpages of the Social Services of the UC. (in portuguese)

Mobility Scholarships

University students also have access to the Leonardo da Vinci, Santander Universities, SYFF, Millenium BCP and many other scholarships that the University makes available to various countries.

For further information, please check the webpages of the International Relations Unit »»