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On this webpage you can find information about certification documents of the University of Coimbra aimed to all its students and alumni. The issuance is subject to the payment of a fee and all the documents currently issued may be confirmed by means of the platform of documents authenticity verification of the UC. 

Please Note The UC recommends that you should use and request electronic documents. You may submit a request form in paper format, but it should be borne in mind that the issuance of the document in paper may take longer, taking into account that some procedures are conditioned on the current scenario of COVID-19.
Certificate – a document certifying information concerning the academic pathway of the Student at the University. It can contain diverse information, such as confirmation of enrolment, the registration at the UC, or the list of the curricular units the student has completed.
Diploma – a document certifying the awarding of an academic degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD) or the completion of a non-degree course, which in general consists of a Course Completion Certificate.

Diploma Supplement(1) - a supplementary document to the diploma, issued in Portuguese and in English which enables the comparability between institutions, facilitates the mobility and improves the visibility of the qualification obtained, by means of the following information:

(i) description of the Portuguese Higher Education System and its framework within the national education system at the time the diploma is awarded;
characterises the institution that delivered the course and awarded the diploma.

Formal Diploma(2) - an additional or alternative document to the diploma, certifying the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.
Formal PhD Diploma(2) - an additional or alternative document to the diploma, certifying the PhD Degree.
Formal Tenure Diploma(2) – document certifying the Tenure Track Position.

(1) Document exclusive to the cycles of studies within the Bologna Process (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees).
(2) The Diplomas are issued in a basic or in a traditional version.