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Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is a standardised document (defined by the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) in accordance with Note#1) and supplementary to the degree certificate – the diploma or completion certificate, and it aims to promote:

  1. information transparency between institutions, thus facilitating mobility;
  2. national and international employability, thus facilitating the academic and professional recognition of the qualifications that were obtained.
Please Note

The Diploma Supplement is merely informative, it is not a substitute for the diploma and does not constitute by itself a proof that someone holds the degree to which it refers

Furthermore, Diploma Supplements are only issued along with diplomas concerning courses within the Bologna Process – Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degrees.

How to request the Diploma Supplement ?
  1. You do not need to request it, since it is issued along with the diploma and cannot be issued separately.
  2. Therefore, the question to be asked is “How to request a Certificate or a Diploma"
  3. The supplement is delivered electronically in a digital format, by means of Inforestud@nte.

The Diploma Supplement is a document attached to the diploma, and therefore it is only issued after the student requests the diploma. At the UC the format of this document is a digital file in PDF (Portable Document Format), downloaded at Inforestud@nte and authenticated online by using an alphanumeric code. [cf. Note#2]

Activities that can be included on the Diploma Supplement:

The extracurricular activities accomplished by the Student must be certified so that they can be included on the Diploma Supplement. The table below lists the activities that were approved by the UC, the source of their certification, validation and registration on the Student’s Academic Record.

ActivitySourceCertified byInformation Entered by
Support to the development of Fieldwork and/or Laboratory work (not associated with the research that is part of the Cycle of Studies) * O.U.O.U. O.U.
Pre-Professional Traineeships Abroad
Professional Traineeships AbroadDRIDRIDRI
Final Assignment of a Cycle of Studies in a Foreign UniversityDRIDRIDRI
Mobility ProgrammeDRIDRIDRI
Peer support in the university residences (Programa "Apoio pelos Pares") SASUC SASUC SGA
Student Tutor *O.U.O.U.O.U.
Participation in the "Buddy - Adopt a Foreigner" ProgrammeDRIDRIDRI
Volunteer Tutoring Centre - NExT *IUJPRectorateSGA
Support for the Enrolment procedure of new Students at the UCDG AACSGASGA
Support for employability-related activitiesServiceServiceSGA
Member of Volunteering Programmes of the UCRectorateRectorateSGA
Support for the Khan AcademyRectorateRectorateSGA
(Unpaid) support for the Summer University of the UCRectorateRectorateSGA
International Volunteering outside the UC *EntityRectorateSGA
Civic Volunteering outside the UC *EntityRectorateSGA
Research Scholarship not awarded by the UC - Awarded by a national entitySGASGASGA
Research Scholarship not awarded by the UC - Awarded by an international entitySGASGASGA
UC Research ScholarshipSGRHSGRHSGA
Student Assessor of the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES)A3ESA3ESSGA
Student Leader or Member of Junior Businesses of the UCO.U.O.U.SGA
Student Promoter of Olympiads within fields of training of the UC *O.U.O.U.O.U.
Student Ambassador of the UC Académica StartRectorateRectorateSGA
UC Student Ambassador for the Secondary EducationRectorateRectorateSGA
Student Athlete (High Competition Athlete or with awarding of the Student-Athlete status; awarding of a medal; or with inclusion in the sports merit board provided for in the Student-Athlete Status)EUEUSGA
Student-Athlete of the Sport Section of the Academic Association of Coimbra (AAC)DG AACDG AACSGA
UC Student Young Association Leader - President of the  Academic Association of Coimbra (AAC), (Member of the Board of the Academic Association of Coimbra, Member of the Cultural and Sports Sections of AAC, Member of the Faculty Student’s Association, Member of AAC Autonomous Bodies)DG AACDG AACSGA
Student Member of the Autonomous Bodies of the Academic Association in the University of CoimbraDG AACDG AACSGA
Student Member of the Organising Committee of Scientific, Cultural, and Sport Events, and Events concerning Career Opportunities *O.U.

Student Involved in Cultural Activities of/in the University of Coimbra (Recognised by the University Cultural Observatory)OCUCOCUCSGA
Student Member of the University of Coimbra BodiesO.U. / RectorateO.U. / RectorateO.U. / SGA
Student Member of the Cultural ObservatoryOCUCOCUCSGA
Student Member of the University Sports ObservatoryODUCODUCSGA
Awards and Merit ScholarshipsSGA/Rectorate/O.U.SGA/Rectorate/O.U.SGA / O.U.
Summer InternshipsNUPENUPESGA
Non-curricular Continuous Training InternshipsNUPENUPESGA
Activity of Recognised University Merit at the UCO.U.O.U.O.U.

How to include these activities on the Diploma Supplement?

  Activities that are entered by SGA or the OU and do not require any action by the student for that purpose
The Academic Management Services collect and enter the activities carried out by the students (since 2006/2007) and the validation and inclusion depends exclusively on the services involved in the process. 
  Activities whose inclusion depends on the student’s initiative
 Activities marked by an asterisk (*) in the table above, will be entered by the OU, but they depend on a request submitted by the Student which is available at "InforEstudante", option "Policies and Procedures".

National Information about the Diploma Supplement is available at »


This option is a functionality of the Information Technology System of the UC, within the 5th SIMPLEX Programme: the SIMPLEX’10 whose measures of simplification are organised according to life events in which the citizen’s relation to the public administration may be simplified: measure “M023 – PERMANENT CERTIFICATE OF HIGHER EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS”. The implementation of this measure implies enabling each student to obtain the Completion Certificate and the corresponding Diploma Supplement in a digital format.