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How to...

How to request a Certificate or Diploma ?

[1] At Inforestud@nte, by means of the option “Academic Service>>Documents”.

The Student (or alumni, if he/she is registered on InforEstudante) may get different certificates, in a digital format or in paper:

- Admission System Certificate
- Enrolment Certificate
- Registration Certificate
- Successful Assessment Certificate
- Certificate of Non-Expiration Status
 - Certificate of Course Length
 - Certificate of Curricular Year Transition
 - Multipurpose Certificate
 - Student’s Academic Record
 - Diploma (and the corresponding diploma supplement), without Final Grade or list of Curricular Units, since these are included in the Diploma Supplement.

[2] By means of Email, using the request form available at: www.academicos/e-mail

Choose the option “Certificate” in the field “Request Type” and then select the document you want.

In order to handle your request, you have to write in the field “Message”:

    » the number and type of your Identification document       
    » the type of certificate you want       
    » the course to which the certificate refers

To facilitate the choice of the options and a quicker issuance of the document, you should upload/attach the form concerning the request for documents:

» Download and fill in the file: Click HERE and go to the Forms’ webpage »»

Please note that after submitting your message/request, you will receive an automatic message with the number of your request generated by the request management system. Keep it as proof and mention it whenever you want to refer to this request at the Academic Management Services - SGA (even in person at the Academic Centres of the SGA).

After your request’s handling you will receive a notification (email message) of the amount you have to pay and the payment methods, which, in most cases, is done by means of ATM references.

[3] in Person at the Academic Centre of the Academic Management Services, by filling in the respective form.
» Download and fill in the file: Click HERE and go to the Forms’ webpage »»
[4] By Regular Mail, using the respective form, addressed to:
  • Serviço de Gestão Académica da UC
  • Divisão de Graduação e Formação
  • Colégio de Santa Rita, Rua da Ilha
  • 3000-214 COIMBRA

» Download and fill in the file: Click HERE and go to the Forms’ webpage »»

After your request’s handling you will receive a notification (email message) of the amount you have to pay and the payment methods, by means of ATM references.


How are the requests made at InforEstudante ?

The procedure is as follows:

    1. Log in to Inforestudante and click "Academic Service>> Documents".
    2. Then, click on the link “Select” and then "Generate New Document Request" in the upper right corner, which will move to the certificates’ menu screen.
    3. On this screen, you can see the certificate’s generic content (text) by clicking on the example file (a PDF file).
    4. After deciding which certificate you want, you must click on "Generate Document".    »»You may see several options to choose from, for example, the academic year you want concerning a registration certificate.
    5. After confirming your choices, you will be given the ATM payment details so that you can pay the certificate.
    6. After the payment, your Inforestudante account will mention that the certificate has been paid (in green) and you will have access to the file containing the certificate.
    7. The authenticity and validity of this certificate is verified using the alphanumeric key that appears in the lower left corner of the certificate.
    8. The certificate can be validated and verified at by any Portuguese or foreign institution.
    9. Whenever an entity receives a printed or an electronic copy of this document, it can validate it by means of the website that mentioned on the document.
    10. At that website, the entity should enter the document's unequivocal code and a copy of the document will appear on the screen so that its content can be validated.

    How to request Formal, Formal PhD or Formal Tenure Diplomas?

    You can request any of these Diplomas as well as any other certificate. Thus, you should download, fil in and print the specific form. Then, you may submit the form:

      1. By means of the online form at the option “Student” or  Alumni” and then in the Request Type choosing “Diploma (Course/Doctoral)”, or

      2. In Person, at the Academic Centre of the Academic Management Services, by filling in the respective form.

      3. By Regular Mail, addressed to:

      Serviço de Gestão Académica da UC
               Divisão de Graduação e Formação
               Colégio de Santa Rita, Rua da Ilha
               3000-214 COIMBRA

      Click HERE and go to the Forms’ webpage »»

      How can you receive the documents?

      From the 1st October 2015 onwards, all the documents requested to the Academic Management Services will be handed out to each student (or a legal representative of the student):

        • In person, and immediately if the request is done at the Academic Centres and the document can be issued immediately (situation that occurs in more than 50 per cent of the requests made to the Services).  
        • By Registered Mail (hand-to-hand), for all the other requests, including those documents whose issuance cannot be immediate.

        With this type of shipment, a quicker delivery is ensured and students or alumni do not need to go to the Academic Centres.

        It is essential that students’ contacts should be updated at InforEstudante (menu “General” / “Personal Data”), or that the alumni insert the correct data when they submit a request.

        Please note !

        Clique para mais informação...The amount to be payed varies according to the requested documents whose value may be checked on the Table of Fees and other Charges of the UC.
         Your request will only be completely submitted after the payment of the fee is done.
         The payment may be done by means of ATM/paypal, using the ATM payment references that will be sent to you by the Academic Services.
         Requests will only be accepted if they clearly indicate Full Name of the student/alumnus, number and type of Identification Document, number of student and Course.

        The personal data concerning the type, number and expiry date of the identification document, are mandatory and must be updated so that the UC Academic Services issue the requested documents:

        • Portuguese citizens, living in Portugal or abroad - must present a (valid) ID Card or Citizen Card, whose possession is mandatory from the age of six years old onwards or as soon as its presentation is demanded by any public service.
        • Foreign Citizens - must present a (valid) ID Card or Citizen Card from their country, or, in the last resort, a valid passport.
         Since the requests can be made using different means, there are frequently repetition of requests sent by different means, which complicates the internal process of those requests’ handling and delays their resolution. Thus, the Academic Management Services appeal to all students/alumni for their understanding so as to avoid these repetitions. Thank you.