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On this webpage we provide the forms (Word templates to be filled out) concerning the services rendered by the academic centres in the UC, which are not included in InforEstudante. If you are a UC student please use the requests forms available at "Academic Service" at InforEstudante in order to make your request.

Pay attention to the language used in the forms:

Form only in Portuguese.
Form only in English.
Form in both languages: Portuguese and English.

What to do?

  1. Download the form concerning the subject or request you have (click the coloured arrow).
  2. Fill in the form and save the changes.
  3. Attach the form to your online request submitted at the form Academicos and always choose the type and subject of the request so that it may be handled more easily and quickly.
  4. If your request requires payment of a fee, it will only be processed after we receive proof of that payment, which must be done by means of ATM after you receive the references.

Admission to PhD exam - Special System [further information]

Request for admission to the PhD exam Special system
Terms of access to the General Study ("Estudo Geral")
Declaration of authorship - PhD thesis

Admission to Tenure exams [further information]

Request form for admission to Tenure exams at the UC.
Authorisation to make tenure research available in the UC digital repository known as General Study (Estudo Geral).

Request for Admission to the Aptitude Exam to perform the functions of scientific coordination [further information]

Request for Admission to the Aptitude Exam to perform the functions of scientific coordination

Request for Certificates, Diplomas or Formal Diplomas 

Request for certificates or diplomas. [further information]
Request for formal diplomas: "Carta de Curso" (for Bachelor or Master's  degree) "Carta Doutoral" for PhD degree and "Carta de Agregação" for Tenure. [further information]

Other forms

Declaration of representation (delivered by a person other than the student)
Term of access to the General Study for Recognition of Foreign Degree and Diploma [further information]
Request for applying to isolated curricular units at the UC, beyond the deadline*

* Applications to these units are carried out at InforEstudante within the deadlines established annually concerning the beginning of the academic year and 2nd semester [further information]

Please note!

  1. If you consider that you have an exceptional situation or condition not covered by these predefined forms, please select at the online E-mail form | Academicos UC, the group that best fits your situation and then the Request Type "Not included in InforEstudante".
  2. The request sent by email does not exempt the student from the payment or deliverance of original documents, after the services verify and validate the request.
  3. In order to verify the compliance with the deadlines, the date of the entrance of the email in the academic services will be considered.