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Tenure Exams

Tenure is granted by universities after a successful assessment of the applicant in a public examination known as Tenure Exam. Under the Decree-Law no. 74/2006, from 24th March, republished by Decree-Law no. 115/2013, from 7th August, Tenure may be granted in any branch of knowledge or speciality in which the university may confer a PhD degree.

In accordance with no. 1 and 2 of article 7 in the Decree-Law no. 239/2007, from 19th June, the applicant must proceed according to article 8 in the same Law to formalise his/her request for admission to the tenure exam.


Procedure to submit the request

[1.] The requester solicits the Academic Management Services (SGA) to create the collection in the platform Provas Académicas  (Digital Repository for the Scientific Production of the University of Coimbra) so that he/she is able to accomplish the submission of the documents by means of the form Academicos@UC

  • Categories: Other Degree/Title Holder
  • Request Type: Academic act
  • Description/Subject: Aggregation exam

In the "Message" of the request, the branch of knowledge or the speciality, for which the Tenure exam is requested, must be mentioned so that the message may be handled more easily and quickly.

[2.] The Academic Management Services (SGA) notify the requester regarding the access data to the platform Provas Académicas so that he/she uploads the electronic documents. 

The requester must upload to the platform Provas Académicas the following documents within a maximum of 10 consecutive days, after the notification:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Report;
  • Abstract of the Seminar or Lecture;
  • Works mentioned in the Curriculum Vitae that the requester considers to be the most relevant ones.

[3.] After uploading the documents to the platform Provas Académicas, the requester solicits admission to the Tenure exam by means of the form Im0904 - Request form for admission to exams for tenure at UC, directed to the Rector of the University of Coimbra. The form must be delivered to the Academic Centre of the Academic Management Services, in Polo 1 (UC Student Hub), or sent by regular mail, attaching the undermentioned documents that are provided for in the Law:

  • Supporting document of the PhD degree or category (except for professors of the UC);
  • 1 electronic copy of the Curriculum Vitae, the report and the detailed abstract of the seminar or lecture (the documents may be included in only one CD/DVD, which is mandatory for the purposes of legal deposit at the Portuguese National Library);
  • 1 hard copy of the Curriculum Vitae, report and detailed abstract of the seminar or lecture (each one duly bound for the purposes of legal deposit at the Portuguese National Library);
  • 1 (hard and/or electronic) copy of the works mentioned in the Curriculum Vitae that the applicant considers to be the most relevant ones;
  • Declaration and acceptance of terms for accessing the platform Provas Académicas by means of the form Im0516 - Authorization to make tenure research available in the UC digital repository known as General Study ("Estudo Geral");
  • Provide the data of the valid Citizen/ID Card, in the case of a Portuguese citizen; or the data of the passport or other document, in other cases).
[4.] The requester must have done the payment of the fee regarding the admission to the exam, by means of ATM/Online banking or in person at the UC Cash Office Counter in the Academic Centre, in accordance with the amount established in the Table of Fees and other Charges of the UC »

Remarks concerning the electronic version of documents (CD/DVD):

The electronic versions of the documents must be packaged in a hard plastic or stiff cardboard box, duly identified (both the electronic versions and the box) with:

  1. Tittle;
  2. Author;
  3. Name of the Higher Education Institution;
  4. Year;
  5. Type of Work.

This (electronic) version of the documents must never be taped to the hard copy of the documents.

IMPORTANT! The request will not be handled if:
  1. The requester does not pay the fee.
  2. The requester does not upload the documents to the platform Provas Académicas.
  3. The documents or data laid down by the legislation are not submitted.

If the documents submitted by the requester do not meet all the requirements, the SGA will archive them and close the procedure.

Tenure Specialities and Examination Boards

Clique para mais informação...The tenure exams take place within the scope of the specialities associated with the PhD courses of the UC and may be searched at:
Courses offered by the UC – PhD Courses »
Clique para mais informação...You may check the names of the members of the examination board at:
Lista de Júris de Provas de Agregação » /List of Examination Boards (dual language webpage, EN/PT).