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Tenure Exams

Tenure is granted by universities upon successful completion by a candidate of a public evaluation known as Tenure Exam. Under the terms of Executive Order no. 74/2006 of 24 March and republished as Executive Order no. 115/2013 of 7 August, tenure may be granted in any area which the university confers doctorate degrees.

  • Per nos. 1 and 2 of article 7 of Executive Order no. 239/2007 of 19 June, the process should follow the guidelines stipulated in article 8. The candidate formalizes the application by submitting the request form, found on the forms page (in portuguese), addressing it to the University Rector.
  • Find the area or specialty desired.


The candidate submits an admission to tenure or supervisor qualification exam request form (Im0904), to the SGA Assistance Office on Campus 1 or via mail, and addressed to the Rector.

  • Photocopy of valid ID (Portuguese ID Card or Citizen Card, if a Portuguese citizen; passport or other for all others).
  • Proof of fees paid
  • Proof of PhD or other (except for UC professors)
  • 2 copies (1 digital/ 1 printed) of Curriculum Vitae (CV), Report, Summary of Class or Lesson;
  • 1 copy (printed or digital) of all work referenced in CV and considered by the candidate as most relevant.
  • Authorization for access to the submitted work in the "General Study" - Digital Repository for Scientific Output of the University of Coimbra (Im0516).

Important notes about digital format (CD/DVD):

  • The digital format should be: Enclosed in a hard plastic case or cardboard.
  • The CD/DVD, as well as the case, should be properly identified with:

Title; Author; Name of higher education institution; Year and Type of work (Curriculum Vitae, Report and Summary of the Class or Lesson).

  • The digital copy should never be attached to the printed copy of the thesis.

Tenure Specialty Areas

A candidate sits for a tenure exam in the area of specialty associated with a UC doctorate program, following the Bologna model, which can be viewed at the following page: