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Regulations and Academic Deadlines

Regulation for Awards and Scholarships of the UC students [RPBEUC]new

Tuition Fees Regulation in the UC
Previous "Regulation for Tuition Fees and Awards in the UC", in which articles from no.14 to no.17 were revoked by the new Regulation for Awards and Scholarships of the UC students

  1. Resolution (extract) no.1609/2013, from 28th August, by the General Council
  2. Resolution (extract) no.38/2011, from 15th October, by the General Council
    Amended and republished by Resolution no. 118/2013, from 16th January
  3. Resolution no. 45/2011, from 12th December, by the General Council
Academic Regulation of the UC [RAUC] 
 Dispatch no. 755/2019 - Portuguese Official Gazette no.12/2019, from 17th January 2019
Amendment of Articles no.51 and no. 78 concerning PhD Examination Boards
Regulation for UC Students' Special Rights
Regulation for the UC System of Re-entry and Change of Institution/Course Pair [RRMTUC] 
Regulation for the UC Student-Athlete [REAUC]new
Regulation for the Merit Scholarships awarded to UC International Students [RBMEI]
Regulation for Isolated Curricular Units in the UC

Regulation for the Special Contest of Access and Admission of International Students to Bachelor's Degree and Integrated Master's Degree's Courses in the UC

Amendment regarding the marks of the previous year »
Amended on 17th December 2014


Regulation of the UC for the Award of Credit to Previous Training and Professional Experience

Rectification of Article no.7

Pedagogical Regulation of the UC [RPUC] 

Regulation of Expirations in the UC

Concerning the transitional dispositions »
Amended on 13
th August 2013, article no.11

Regulation for the Jointly Supervised PhDs in the UC [RDCTUC] 
Regulation for Creation and Functioning of Non-Degree Courses in the UC [RCNCG] 
Disciplinary Regulation for the UC Students
Includes the Chart of Principles of the UC Student (CRIE.UC)
Regulation for the Statute of the Student Involved in Cultural Activities
Regulation for the Application of the Course Credit System (ECTS) to the Courses of the University of Coimbra
Regulation for the Specially Adequate Exams intended to assess the Ability of Students over 23 years old to attend Higher Education in the UC 
Regulation for the Summer Internships in the UC [REV] 
- Regulations published in the last 12 months.
[ACRONYM] - Acronym by which the regulation may be referred to by the academic services in order to abbreviate information and facilitate communication.