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Structuring laws of higher education

International Student
Decree-Law no. 62/2018, of 6th August – amends and republishes the Statute of International Student, previously published by the Decree-Law no. 36/2014, of 10th March and amended by Decree-Law no. 113/2014, of 16th July.

Degrees and Diplomas of Higher Education:
Decree-Law no. 74/2006, of 24th March, amended by:

Decree-Law no. 107/2008, of 25th June
Decree-Law no. 230/2009, of 14th September
Decree-Law no. 115/2013, of 7th August
Decree-Law no. 63/2016, of 13th September

Decree-Law nº 65/2018, of 16th August

Basic Law of the Educational System
Law no. 48/86, of 14th October, amended by Law no. 115/97, of 19th September and Law no. 49/2005, of 30th August.
Legal System of Higher Education Institutions:
Law no. 62/2007, of 10th September.
Regulatory principles of the mechanisms for the creation of the European Higher Education Area (ECTS):
Decree-Law no. 42/2005, of 22nd February, including the amendments that were introduced by Decree-Law no. 107/2008, of 25th June.
Assessment of Higher Education:
Law no. 38/2007, of 16th August.

Higher Education Funding:
Law no. 37/2003, of 22nd August, including the amendments that were introduced, namely the ones concerning mechanisms for debt settlement for not having paid the tuition fee:

Law no. 75/2019, of 2nd September
Law no. 32/2020 of 12th August
Ordinance no. 197/2020 of 17 August

Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education:
Decree-Law no. 369/2007, of 5th November.
Coordinating Council of Higher Education:
Regulatory Decree no. 15/2009, of 31st August.

Recognition of Academic Degrees and Diplomas awarded by Foreign Higher Education Institutions

Ordinance no. 33/2019, of 25th January 
Decree-Law no. 66/2018, of 16th August,

Diploma Supplement:
Ordinance no. 30/2008, of 10th January
Legal System of the Tenure Academic Qualification: Decree-Law no. 239/2007, 19th de June.

Systems of Change of Institution/Course Pair and Readmission

Ordinance no. 181-D/2015, of 19th June.
Approves the Regulation of the Systems of Readmission and Change of Institution/Course Pair in Higher Education.  It revokes, with effect from the end of the application to enrolment and registration in the academic year 2015-2016, the Ordinance no. 401/2007, of 5th April, amended by Ordinance no. 232-A/2013, of 22nd July and Decree-Law no. 113/2014, of 16th July.
Decree-Law no. 113/2014, of 16th July  
Governs the Special Contests for Access and Admission to Higher Education

Training in Specific Areas

Training of TeachersDecree-Law no. 43/2007, of 22nd February, Decree-Law no. 220/2009, of 8th September, Decree-Law no. 255/98, of 11th August.
Professional Qualifications governed by the European UnionDirective 2005/36/EC, Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council.

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