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Santander-UC Awards


Santander- University Support Scholarships

The applications for the Santander- University Support Scholarships - in 2024 - take place in two different periods:

  • Period 1 - Applications until 15th May 2024;
  • Period 2 - Applications in September 2024, on a date to be announced.

Applications' period 1

Applications:until 15th May
Scholarship recipients:Students who are registered, at the University of Coimbra, in a 1st or 2nd Cycle of Studies or Integrated Master’s Degree Courses, and are determined to continue their studies or complete a cycle of studies in the 2024/2025 academic year at the University of Coimbra.

Number and amount of the Scholarships

I - One hundred monetary Scholarships will be awarded and they will be distributed according to three groups:

  • a) Group 1 - Students with disabilities according to Article no.1 in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • b) Group 2 - Students who have attended the secondary education in schools in Portugal - including Azores and Madeira Islands;
  • c) Group 3 - Students who have attended the secondary education in schools outside the Portuguese Territory.

II – The distribution of the Scholarships according to the aforementioned groups is the following:

  • Group 1 – 10 scholarships
  • Group 2 – 70 scholarships
  • Group 3 – 20 scholarships

III – The amount of each awarded scholarship is 1,000 euros.

Eligibility Criteria, and Weighing and Seriation Criteria

  • a) Registration in the 1st or 2nd Cycle of Studies ( Bachelor's, Integrated Master's and Master's Degree Courses), in at least 30 ECTS credits, except for a situation concerning a cycle of studies completion.
  • b) A proven need for financial support in order to contribute to the studies, which is assessed by the personal or family per capita income of the previous year that must be equal or lower than 23 times the amount of the Social Support Index (IAS) in force;
  • c) Existence of academic successful assessment, concerning students with an enrolment and registration different from the one associated with the course’s edition.

Note: The applicants for the scholarship that are attending, for the first time in the 2023/2024 academic year, a cycle of studies, are considered to have an academic successful assessment for the purposes of this application.

In order to know the seriation criteria and methods, you should read the Specific Provisions of the University of Coimbra at » "Specific Provisions_Santander Scholarships_University Support".

Documents to be presented

a) Annual Financial Statement submitted to the Tax and Customs Authority concerning the previous year, 


a declaration of the Tax and Customs Authority attesting the “exemption from submitting the Annual Financial Statement” that includes the income of the previous year, and a declaration of the Parish Council attesting the household members concerning the national students whose household is exempt from submitting the Annual Financial Statement,


Annual Financial Statement of the country where the student's household pays the taxes, concerning international students.

b) Supporting document of the disability equal to or higher than 60 per cent, if applicable.

c) Multipurpose Certificate of the 2024/2025 academic year (mandatory document to be submitted after the registration for the 2024/2025 academic year, with the submission deadline of 31st October 2024);

d) Declaration of the School/School Grouping in which the Student completed the Secondary Education (only for students of group 2)with indication of the average grade of Secondary education).

e) Supporting document of residency outside the period of classes and attesting that the student belongs to the household, which is obtained at the Parish Councils.


Housing contract in the name of the student *

* If, during the period of classes, the applicant lives in one of the university residences, he/she must mention this information in the description of the request at Inforestudante. Therefore, submitting the housing contract is not necessary in this case.

Note:  The Multipurpose Certificate referred to in subparagraph c) above, is submitted at the time of the registration for the 2024/2025 academic year and in the field of messages of the request "[Alun@s] Application for a "Santander University Support" Scholarship”.

Please Note
  • The non-submission of the application by means of both Platforms (Santander and InforEstudante), is a reason for exclusion.
  • Students must enter the complete required information in both platforms.
  • The documents necessary to analyse the application for the scholarship must be submitted by means of the InforEstudante platform.
  • In the applications period 1, the non-submission of the Multipurpose Certificate  referred to in subparagraph c) above until the end of October 2024 is a reason for exclusion.
  • The scholarships concerning the apllications period 1 are awarded during November 2024. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I - Regarding the application procedure, in which platform must you apply first?

You must apply first in the Santander Platform (and indicate your full name, student number and course attended). Then, you must apply by means of InforEstudante.

II - Can you shorten your name concerning the application in Santander Platform?

No, you cannot. In order to faciilitate the association of the requests to the same student, you must fill in the data with the complete information (e.g., fill in your name according to the Citizen Card).

III - Which email address must you indicate in the Santander Platform?

You must indicate the email address that is associated with your InforEstudante account.

IV - You have applied in both Platforms. What do you do next?

Once the application is completely submitted, that is, with the whole required information, you only need to wait for the communication of the results.

V - Is the application mandatory in the Santander Platform and in InforEstudante?

Yes, it is. The application is submitted by means of the webpage of Santander, and after this application you must submit the request for that purpose: “[Alun@s] Application to a ‘UC Santander-University Support Scholarship”] that is available at InforEstudante.

The non-submission of the application in both Platforms, is a reason for exclusion.

VI  - You and/or your household have a declaration of the Tax and Customs Authority attesting the “exemption from submitting the Annual Financial Statement”. Which document must you submit in the field "Annual Income (€), according to the Annual Financial Statement of last year, in which the Tax ID Number (TIN) of the student is mentioned?".

Regarding this situation, the applicant must submit:

a) The declaration of the Tax and Customs Authority attesting the exemption from submitting the Annual Financial Statement, which must include the amount of the annual income, and a declaration of the Parish Council.

b) A sworn statement that mentions the means of livelihood of the student and/or his/her household.

VII – You are a PhD Student. Can you apply to these Scholarships? 

No, you cannot. The Santander University-Support Scholarship is aimed at Students that present a proven need for financial support in order to proceed the studies in the 1st and 2nd Cycle of Higher Education.

VIII - Must your bank data be updated?

Yes, because the scholarship will be paid by means of the student’s bank data inserted at InforEstudante. Without this information, the money transfer will not be possible.

IX – Is there any deadline established to communicate the results?

The dates concerning the appraisal of the applications and selection of applicants will be published in due time.

X – You have doubts. How can you contact the services?

You can ask your questions at, by selecting the option “I am a Student”, the type of request “Information” and in the field Description/Subject select “Awards and Merit Scholarships”.

Santander-UC Awards of Pedagogical Innovation

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