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Academic Calendar 2021/2022

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Solemn Opening of the Academic Year: 13th October 2021 | Commemoration of the University's Day: 1st March 2022
The classes and assessment periods concerning the academic year 2021/2022 approved by the Rector's Order no. 82/2021, of13th April, amended by the Rector's Order no. 26/2021 of 20th July are the following:
NOTE: Adjustments and changes in this calendar may occur. 
As a result it is important to check regularly this information and be attentive to
the notifications from InforEstudante. 
1st SemesterBeginningEnd
Classes of 1st Curricular Year [2]06.10.202118.12.2021
Suspension of classes | (student festivities Queima das Fitas from the academic year 2020/2021 and Latada from 2021/2022) [3]22.10.202129.10.2021
Christmas Holidays20.12.202102.01.2022
Exams (normal and suplementary periods)03.01.202204.02.2022
Public defences of Master's Degree Dissertations/Projects/Internship Reports [4]03.01.202228.02.2022
Exams (special exam period only for cycles of studies with an odd number of semesters)
2nd SemesterBeginningEnd
Easter Holidays11.04.202218.04.2022
Suspension of classes (student festivity Queima das Fitas 2021/2022)23.05.202227.05.2022
Exams (normal, suplementary and special examination periods)06.06.202229.07.2022
Public defences of Master's Degree Dissertations/Projects/Internship Reports06.06.202229.07.2022
Summer Holidays01.08.202231.08.2022
Public defences of Master's Degree Dissertations/Projects/Internship Reports (special examination period) [5]01.09.202230.09.2022
Extraordinary Examination Periods [6]October
PhD [7] and Tenure Exams [8]01.09.202231.07.2022

[1] The start date of the academic activities in some Organisational Units, for which this is justified, may be brought forward to 13th September according to the training needs and specificities they may include, namely the medical/clinical training. The possibility of bringing the beginning of classes forward does not apply to the 1st curricular year of Bachelor’s and Integrated Master’s Degree Courses.

[2] The beginning of classes for the 1st year of Bachelor's Degree Courses and Integrated Master's Degree Courses will be on 6th October in accordance with the calendar to be published by the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES).

[3] The suspension of classes lasts one week and it brings together the student festivities Latada and Queima das Fitas, as long as, at that time, there are individual and collective safety and health-protection conditions of the stakeholders in accordance with the recommendations of the health and government authorities. If, due to the aforementioned reasons, these events cannot be undertaken, the suspension is eliminated and therefore the normal academic activities must proceed.

[4] The Master’s Degree Dissertations/Projects/Internship Reports concerning the academic year 2020/2021, and according to the rules of that academic year, may be submitted until 30th October 2021 with their defence undertaken until 31st December 2021.

[5] The period between 1st and 30th September 2022, deemed as special examination period, is only available for defences of Master's Degree Dissertations/Projects/Internship Reports/Thesis Projects.

[6] The Extraordinary Examination Periods are aimed at the assessment of students who benefit from the Statuses provided for in the academic regulation (RAUC) applicable to this examination period.

[7] The deadline for submitting PhD Theses according to the academic year 2020/2021 is extended until 31st December 2021 concerning the students who are in a position to complete the PhD Degree.

[8] The Rector may authorise exams held outside this period, by means of an adequate justification.

[9] The possible resetting of classes not delivered due to calendar holidays and civil service holidays must be determined by the Professor responsible for the Curricular Unit taking into consideration the specific needs of that Unit and the number of classes.

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