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"UC à Frente" Award

To whom is this Award aimed?

    1. National or equivalent status Students;
    2. With enrolment and registration for the first time at the University of Coimbra (UC) on a full time basis, for a Bachelor’s or Integrated Master’s Degree Course;
    3. Admitted to the UC by means of the National Contest of Access and Admission;
    4. Application with the UC as the first option;
    5. With an application’s grade equal or higher than 18.

    Which are the seriation criteria?

    The selection of the awarded students is carried out by the sequential application of the following criteria:

      1. Best application’s grade to Higher Education without rounding.
      2. Best average of the grades obtained in the admission exams for the institution/course pair.
      3. Best final grade of the secondary education course.

      Of what does the Scholarship consist?

      It is a monetary award equivalent to the registration fee and maximum amount of the tuition fee for national students, established by the General Council for the 1st Cycle of Studies.


      I - The period set to award it is during the month of December.

      II - The payment of the aforementioned award will be processed after this period.

      For further information check the Regulation on the Merit Scholarships and Awards awarded to UC International Students »