/ 2024/2025 PhD Courses

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Before applying to the course you want, you must check if you meet the requirements mentioned in the Opening Notice, as well as other relevant information, namely the Number of Places available in each phase and the Applications Calendar.


Check the webpage of the Foundation for Science and Technology
 The FCT awards a great number of different scholarships, by means of public contests, and manages them directly or indirectly or in cooperation with other organisations, in accordance with the FCT Regulation for scholarships, and supports the advanced training of human resources.
Check the webpage of the Social Services of the University of Coimbra - SASUC
 SASUC develop a university social aid within the scope of the University of Coimbra, namely concerning housing/accommodation, canteen, medical assistance, childcare services and scholarships to underprivileged students.
Check the online platform of accommodation of the University of Coimbra
 By means of this platform, students who opt to study at the University of Coimbra may choose their accommodation before they arrive in Coimbra.