ThEdu By-laws

(PDF version)

 By-laws  of  the  "Theorem-proving  components  for  Educational
                             software  (ThEdu)"  Interest  Group

     The motivation for these by-laws is to guide the future directions and governance of the Theorem-proving components for Educational software (ThEdu) Workshop series.  Ultimately, we hope to build a community of researchers and practitioners centred around the aims of the previous ThEdus, namely "to bring together experts in automated deduction with experts in education in order to further clarify the shape of the new software generation and to discuss existing systems".  Experts working on topics such as:

     # proof and proving in mathematics education;

     # methods of automated deduction applied to checking students' input;

     # methods of automated deduction applied to prove post-conditions for particular problem solutions;

     # combinations of deduction and computation enabling systems to propose next steps;

     # automatic/interactive provers applied to education.

     To build such a community, we need continuity and some rules governing the central activity of any research community, namely, the ThEdu workshop.  The following proposal is based on, and consistent with, the historical patterns observed in the first ten ThEdu (from 2011 to 2021).  The proposal is deliberately minimal and under-specified.  Therefore, their interpretations should be guided by historical patterns.

By-law 1: Organisation Each ThEdu Workshop shall have the following organisational positions:

     # General Chair

     # Program Chair

     # The Steering Committee

     # Program Committee

     In between workshops the Steering Committee is the governing body of the ThEdu Interest Group.  Chair, could also mean Co-chairs.  If needed a local Chair could be added to this structure for the purpose of the organisation of a given ThEdu Workshop.

By-law 2:  Collocation

    1.  The preferred collocation of ThEdu is the CADE conference (or umbrella conferences containing CADE, e.g.  IJCAR, FLoC).

By-law 3:  Appointments

     The initial appointments, for ThEdu'22, are: General Chair: Pedro Quaresma, University of Coimbra; Program Chair: Walther Neuper, Johannes Kepler University Linz; Steering Committee: Pedro Quaresma, Walther Neuper and João Marcos, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte.

    1.  The Steering Committee shall consist of the General Chair, Program Chair and any other members that they shall appoint.

    2.  After the workshop, the Steering Committee appoints the General Chair for the next workshop.

    3.  The General Chair, in consultation with the Steering  Committee, appoints the Program Chair and, eventually, the Local Chair.

    4.  The Program Chair, in consultation with the General Chair and  the Steering Commit- tee, appoints the Program Committee  members.

By-law 4:  Duties

    1.  The General Chair, in collaboration with the Local Chair, will hold a ThEdu business meeting during each Workshop.

    2.  The General Chair for the next workshop, should prepare a ThEdu workshop proposal, to be submitted to the conference to which the workshop will be collocated.

    3.  The Steering Committee and the Local Chair shall maintain, for each workshop, the corresponding ThEdu website, including links to previous ThEdu Websites.

    4.  The General Chair, in collaboration with the Local Chair, should publicise the Workshop through the appropriate  channels, e.g.  the Association for Automated Reasoning (AAR)  newsletter.

    5.  The Steering Committee, with the collaboration of the Local Chair, should manage the ThEdu's mailing list, with the names of authors and attendees of past ThEdu workshops.

By-law 5:  Amendments

    1.  The by-laws can be amended by ballot between workshop, given a  proposal by the Steering Committee.  A simple majority is  enough for approval.

    2.  Persons who have registered for at least one of the three preceding ThEdu workshops are eligible to vote.

    3.  The ballot will be run by the Steering Committee.

                                                      ThEdu'22, 11 of August of 2022, Haifa, Israel.