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Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Energy for Sustainability (EfS) is an initiative of the University of Coimbra (UC), bringing together professors and researchers from UC Faculties, with long experience in teaching, research, technology transfer, and consulting in several areas, namely energy and sustainable development.

China@UC is an interdisciplinary initiative of the University of Coimbra to enhance the academic and scientific cooperation with China and is energized by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research with support from the Regents of the University.

History of Science at the University of Coimbra - History of Science at the University of Coimbra is a project that focuses on the research of the history of science at UC since the building of the old Jesus College, a Jesuit school in 1547 in the time of King John III (at the time of the Portuguese Discoveries) until 1933, when starts the New State. Based on available studies, pretends to make a synthesis and perform documentary sources of scan jobs and scientific objects and instruments, which may form the basis for further investigations.

Interdisciplinary Colloquium "Visions of Light" on the occasion of the International Year of Light in 2015, the 725th anniversary of the University of Coimbra (UC) and the second anniversary of its classification by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, will be carried out by the Institute of interdisciplinary research of UC, an interdisciplinary colloquium extended to various areas of knowledge developed at UC. the conference, entitled "Visions of Light", will be held on 1-3 October 2015, from 10.00 to 17.30, in the auditorium UC.

Computational Biology @ UC: The present initiative congregates the groups at the University of Coimbra that conduct research in Computational Biology, preforming multi-scale modelling of complex biological systems as well as translating their findings to society.