Institute for Interdisciplinary Research

MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre

MARE UC is presently organised in 3 Groups:

GI 01 River Basins
GI 02 Estuaries and Coastal Zones
GI 03 Open Ocean and Deep Sea

and 11 Thematic Research Lines:
 LTI 01 Biogeography, Biodiversity, and Evolution
  LTI 02 Ecology, Behaviour, and Conservation
  LTI 03 Hydraulics, Water Resources, Sedimentary Geology, and Environment
 LTI 04 Ocean Dynamics and Processes
  LTI 05 Living and non-Living Resources
 LTI 06 Environmental Assessment and Ecological Risk
 LTI 07 Global Environmental Change
 LTI 08 Ecological Processes
 LTI 09 Technological Tools for Exploration and Monitoring
 LTI 10 Policy and Governance
 LTI 11 Marine Biotechnology

MARE UC main research activities involve:

a) baseline studies and monitoring of wetlands, estuaries and coastal marine ecosystems;

b) long term ecological research and application of the ecosystem services approach to integrate the ecological and economic perspectives;

c) investigation on processes governing energy and nutrients transferences in freshwater ecosystems and associated landscapes;

d) animal-plant interactions and pests control;

e) investigation on behaviour of natural depositional systems in fluvial basins, estuaries, and near-shore to marine environments;

f) investigation on sources, fate, routes of exposure, and effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors and their mitigation or management solutions at all levels of biological organization;

g) investigation on hydraulics and hydrology to solve problems of fluid mechanics and water resources;

h) ecological modelling and its utilisation in management applications, with particular reference to integrated coastal zone management.