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Knowledge Transfer and Innovation

In line with its core mission of educating and producing knowledge, the University of Coimbra takes a firm stand on the implementation of policies aimed at sustainable economic and social development, acting as a leading specialised community service provider and a major booster of entrepreneurship in the city, in the region and nationally.

Knowledge and innovation transfer

The University of Coimbra has solid experience in the areas of outreach and the transfer of knowledge and innovation to society. It has played a leading role in placing the Central Region of Portugal among the top 100 most innovative regions in Europe - according to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard.

The links between the academy and business are strongly promoted by the University of Coimbra through its collaboration in development projects, intellectual property management, entrepreneurship activities and support for the creation of spin-offs, as well as in the establishment of mechanisms to stimulate innovation and change in the University and in the society.

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There are several outreach units linked to the University in the field of the technological and scientific entrepreneurship, which are important boosters of the well-being of the society and of the economic enhancement of humanistic, artistic and scientific knowledge.

The Pedro Nunes Institute - IPN Incubator, considered as the best science-based incubator in the world in 2010 and a top business university-affiliated incubator in 2018, has facilitated the birth of over 100 businesses, with a survival rate of 80%, and the creation of 1000 jobs. These figures and the ever growing international success of the enterprises it helped to set up - Critical Software, ISA, Crioestaminal and many others – make this a great success story for the University of Coimbra.

BIOCANT, the first biotechnological park in Portugal, was created in partnership with the University of Coimbra and consists of advanced research units and initiatives in the field of life sciences, which support high potential businesses. Its laboratories are staffed by dedicated professionals and are equipped with cutting-edge technology with a strong automation component and have exceptional working conditions.