17 july, 2020
UC Center promotes activities of the 'Ciência Viva no Verão em Rede' project
13 july, 2020
Delfim Leão elected to UNESCO Advisory Committee on Open Science
10 july, 2020
Third Ibero-American ranking of open access scientific journals is launched
08 july, 2020
"Beyond Covid-19": open library is accepting contributions
01 july, 2020
OPERAS consortium welcomes new members
29 june, 2020
UC participates in Seminar on academic career in the context of Open Science
24 june, 2020
International Panel on Open Science and Scientific Edition receives Vice-Rector Delfim Leão
22 june, 2020
International research gathers impressions on multilingualism in scholarly communication
17 june, 2020
UC World Heritage: webinar presents the new Alma Mater collection
10 june, 2020
UC Classical and Humanistic Studies Center launches YouTube channel
08 june, 2020
OPERAS selects members for the Scientific Advisory Committee
04 june, 2020
Open Access: UC Press rises to the top 3% of books indexed in the DOAB
22 may, 2020
UC Herbarium celebrates International Biodiversity Day as a GBIF publisher
20 may, 2020
Dentistry in the post-pandemic is the focus of work published in open access
12 may, 2020
Discover UC projects on a European Citizen Science platform
28 april, 2020
Explorator: Citizen Science project receives contributions to computerize the world of plants
20 february, 2020
University of Coimbra begins recovery of manuscripts with hundreds of years
30 january, 2020
UC intends to reorganize its “digital building”
17 october, 2019
"O Bando de Surunyo" retrieves Christmas songs from the General Library with more than 350 years of history
16 july, 2019
UC integrates international project TRIPLE in the scope of open science that just received 5.6 M €
14 june, 2019
Machado de Castro National Museum receives "Guided Tour"
13 june, 2019
Discover the precious collection of Nabais Conde maps
06 june, 2019
"Guided Tour" goes through Sala dos Capelos
16 may, 2019
UC Press is the Portuguese-speaking publisher with more books in the international reference directory DOAB
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