09 April, 2021
Workshop discusses OA journals and the Ibero-American publishers landscape
26 March, 2021
IiiUC Training "Open Science: Pathways for Practice at UC" takes place in April
24 March, 2021
Open Research Europe platform officially launched
24 March, 2021
European platform invites the SSH community to co-design workshops
19 March, 2021
Research project from UC will provide open educational resources on Portugal and the Holocaust
18 March, 2021
"Under the lens of Open Science": webinar discusses factors for data sharing
16 March, 2021
Survey on Citizen Science funding is open to participation
15 March, 2021
Survey investigates collaborative publishing models for Open Access books
12 March, 2021
Citizen Science project founder, UC alumna integrates "Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise"
11 March, 2021
UC researchers create comic books to encourage citizen science for watercourses protection
10 March, 2021
"It's time to talk about the brain!": UC research centers promote International Brain Week
05 March, 2021
Report on Open Access books and libraries in Europe is released
01 March, 2021
Webinar discusses rights retention and open licensing policies
19 February, 2021
"Under the lens of Open Science": webinars discuss new book released by IUC
16 February, 2021
The future of scholarly communication is discussed in OPERAS-P workshop
12 February, 2021
OpenAIRE Week Portugal: Open Science in Practice
08 February, 2021
PKP community forum discusses social sciences and humanities in Europe
05 February, 2021
Citizen Science project in the social sciences and humanities is launched
03 February, 2021
International Data Week webinars take place in February and March
27 January, 2021
Open access by default: FCT adopts Plan S in Portugal
26 January, 2021
UC collaborative translation project recruits volunteer students
15 January, 2021
Comic book promotes prevention of fatty liver disease
06 January, 2021
iiiUC Training Session presents tools for editorial management in January
23 December, 2020
UC Community participates in UNESCO's Open Science Recommendation
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