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Geomagnetic field variations are measured continuously at the magnetic observatory of the University Coimbra since 1866. This project addresses one important application of geomagnetic field time series, the assessment of hazard associated with geomagnetically induced currents in high-voltage power lines. To this end, we gather the expertise of different fields of geophysics, engineering and mathematics in order to carry out all the required tasks: identification of different driving sources, calculation of a conductivity model for the Portuguese territory, definition of the electrical and geometrical characteristics of the power grid. In parallel, all field studies and instruments comparaisons will take place in order to accomplish the transfer of the COI station to a new site free of urban electromagnetic noise. 

This study is funded by national funds through FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P.), under the project MAG-GIC: PTDC/CTA - GEO/31744/2017.


Presentations (scheduled):

  • Joana Ribeiro, Pedro Baltazar-Soares, Fernando J.G. Pinheiro, Rute Santos, Fernando M Santos, Maria Alexandra Pais, João Cardoso. Geomagnetically Induced Currents in the Portuguese power network. AGU 2020 Fall meeting, 1-17 December 2020 (online).

  • Pedro Baltazar-Soares, Francisco José Martínez Moreno, Joana Ribeiro, Fernando M Santos, Paulo Ribeiro, Fernando J.G. Pinheiro, Maria Alexandra Pais. Electrical crust of Portugal mainland. AGU 2020 Fall meeting, 1-17 December 2020 (online).

  • A. Morozova, R. Rebbah, A. Pais, The solar quiet variation observed near the vortex focus: effect of the geomagnetic activity and vortex dynamics on the Sq extraction. AGU 2020 Fall meeting, 1-17 December 2020 (online).