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Working Papers


Fertility choices, Demographics and Automation
Short-term rentals and housing market: Evidence from portuguese metropolitan areas
Industrial dynamics throughout the ICT innovation cycle: The rise and decline of business dynamism in Portugal during 1986-2018
Flip the coin: Heads, tails or cryptocurrencies?
Management and Human Capital Employment: an overlooked Relationship


Financial Literacy, Human Capital and Long-Run Economic Growth
Entry and Competition of Retail Pharmacies: A Case Study of OTC Drugs Sales and Ownership Deregulation
Macroeconomic Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Some European Union Countries: A Counterfactual Analysis
Robots at work: recent evidence with new data
Exchange Rate Synchronization for a set of Currencies from Different Monetary Areas
Giving zombie firms a second chance: An assessment of the reform of the Portuguese insolvency framework
Human capital and labour market resilience over time: a regional perspective of the Portuguese case


Applying real options to port infrastructure expansion: the case of a Brazilian port
Corporate debt booms, financial constraints, and the investment nexus
Efficient credit portfolios under IFRS 9
The consequences of intrapreneurship in exporting firms: a structural-model approach
Essential and non-essential goods: a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling of the infectious disease coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
WISER CD: A dataset for analyses of the welfare state-growth nexus in OECD countries
FDI determinants in Mano River Union countries: micro and macro evidence
Socioeconomic inequality in food intake and adult obesity in Portugal


Robots are not always bad for employment and wages
IPO patterns in Euronext after the global financial crisis of 2007-2008
Minimum wage and financially distressed firms: another one bites the dust
Spatial autocorrelation of exports and R&D expenditures in Portugal
Monetary Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model with R&D and Human Capital Accumulation
Historical European Institutions, Human Capital and Development
Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: a note reassessing panel data results
A North-South monetary model of endogenous growth with international trade
Political connections and remuneration of bank board's members: Moderating effect of gender diversity
The impact of financial constraints on tradable and non-tradable R&D investments in Portugal
Asset classification under the IFRS 9 framework for the construction of a banking investment portfolio
Wage Inequality and Lobbying: a directed technical change approach
Labor Share Heterogeneity and Fiscal Consolidation Programs
Political Connections and Banking Performance: The Moderating Effect of Gender Diversity
The Relationship Between USD/EUR Official Exchange Rates And Implied Exchange Rates From The Bitcoin Market
Exports Since the International Financial Crisis


Portugal in the Eurozone: Evolution and Expectations
Corruption and economic growth: the case of Portugal
Outside options and confidence in Zeuthen-Hicks bargaining
Inflation, Entropy and Economic Growth
NIESIM: A Simulation-based Application for Estimating the Value of Information in Mobile Network Management
Kernel density estimation using local cubic polynomials through option prices applied to intraday data
High Performance Work Systems and Employee Outcomes: A Meta-analysis for Future Research


Endogeneity Issues in the Empirical Assessment of the Determinants of Loan Renegotiation
Why are credit booms sometimes sweet and sometimes sour?
Copula-based Tests for Nonclassical Measurement Error – The Case of Fractional Random Variables
Differentiated Impact of Spread Determinants by Personal Loan Category: Evidence from the Brazilian Banking Sector
The Effect of Family Ownership, Control and Management on Corporate Debt Structure– Evidence from Panel Fractional Data
Predictability of stock returns and dividend growth using dividend yields: An international approach
Political and institutional determinants of credit booms
An Aggregate View of Portuguese Exports and Competitiveness
The Cycle of recycling and sustainable development. Evidence from the OECD Countries
Information Transmission Between Cryptocurrencies: Does Bitcoin Rule the Cryptocurrency World?
Endogenous Growth and Entropy
Determinants of overall and sectoral entrepreneurship: evidence from Portugal
Young and healthy but reluctant to donate blood: An empirical study on attitudes and motivations of university students
The Iberian electricity market:Price dynamics and risk premium in an illiquid market
Health Investment and Long run Macroeconomic Performance:a quantile regression approach


Deflation in the Euro Zone: Overview and Empirical Analysis
Fiscal Consolidation Programs and Income Inequality
The interconnections between Renewable Energy, Economic Development and Environmental Pollution. A simultaneous equation system approach.
The Renminbi: A Warrior for Competitiveness?
Le Portugal et l`Euro
The Effect of Public Debt on Growth in Multiple Regimes in the Presence of Long-Memory and Non-Stationary Debt Series
The Blank and the Null: An examination of non-conventional voting choices
Where is the information on USD/Bitcoins hourly price movements?
The response of non-price competitiveness and productivity due to changes in passed income gaps. Evidence from the OECD countries
Dutch Disease in Central and Eastern European Countries
On the gains of using high frequency data and higher moments in Portfolio Selection
Growth adjustments through non-price competitiveness and productivity. A cumulative causation approach