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Optical Coherence Elastography for imaging retina mechanical properties

Problem Description

In this project, we will develop an Optical Coherence Elastography (OCE) technique for imaging in vivo the mechanical properties of the retina.

The technique will combine Ultrasound (US) excitation with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging.


Although the project deals only with the development of the imaging technique and associated instrumentation, the ultimate goal is to discover techniques with enough sensitivity to detect early signs of neurodegeneration and define biomarkers based on mechanical properties of the retina that allow the early detection, prior to clinical manifestations, of neurodegenerative processes.

Research at LCM

In this project, we will develop a computational model of pressure wave propagation in specific ocular tissues and fluids. This model will be used to determine the mechanical properties of the retina from the reconstructed displacement field.

The implementation corresponds to determine numerically the displacement field within the retina, given a known excitation (i.e. solving the direct problem). The geometry and the boundary conditions will be obtained from the known histology of the retina. In particular, the model has to be designed to cope its layered geometry.

We will focus on proposing efficient and robust numerical methods and investigate their quantitative and qualitative properties.

Project Team

    • Sílvia Barbeiro (LCM/CMUC)
    • Rui Bernardes 
    • João Manuel Cardoso
    • José Domingues
    • Custódio Loureiro
    • António Miguel Morgado (PI)
    • Mário Santos
    • Pedro Serranho

    Project reference

      • ICDT - SAICT/032162 - ElastoOCT