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MobiWise: from mobile sensing to mobility advising 

Problem Description

MobiWise investigates the individual mobility in a urban environment. It aims at the development of a 5G internet platform, encompassing access infrastructures for collecting information via mobile and fix sensors and optimising the network management in cloud.

Modelling & Computational Challenges

In several tasks associated with managing the related information, it is crucial to have achieve high performance in terms of transmission speed and data storage. A number of optimisation problems arise in this context, of the most varied types, in particular, continuous optimisation problems (deterministic or stochastic, with or without derivatives), integer and network programming problems, and multicriteria optimisation problems.

Research at LCM

The LMC team will investigate the mathematical optimisation behind these problems, preparing appropriate conditions for their solution within the project.

Project Team

      • Luís Nunes Vicente (LMC/CMUC, Scientific PI)
      • José Luís Esteves dos Santos (LMC/CMUC, Executive PI)
      • João Gouveia (LMC/CMUC)
      • João Luís Soares (LMC/CMUC) 
      • Marta Pascoal (LMC/CMUC)