A Cycle of Studies without Course means that the PhD student does not have to accomplish curricular units concerning the training for research, and it only comprises the elaboration of the thesis or project work and its defence. Nevertheless, it may comprise the accomplishment of a PhD taught component whenever the Scientific Council, exceptionally, does not exempt the student from attending classes.

The Cycles of Studies included in this modality are:

PhD degree in Archeology
PhD degree in Philosophy

Admission requirements


Holders of a Master’s Degree or a legal equivalent qualification;


Holders of a Bachelor’s Degree and an especially relevant academic or scientific curriculum which is recognised as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the Organisational Unit responsible for the PhD;


Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum, which is recognised as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the Organisational Unit to which they want to be admitted.

The recognition mentioned above in subparagraphs b) and c) only allows access to the cycle of studies leading to a PhD Degree and it does not confer its holder the equivalence to a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree or its acknowledgment.


Required documents/data for the application request


Supporting document that attests the applicant fulfils the access conditions;


Applicant’s updated CV, preferably retrieved from the curricula platform CIÊNCIA VITAE (former DeGóis);


Specification of the branch of knowledge or specialisation;


Specification of the supervisor(s) name(s) and his/her/their declaration of acceptance;


The proposed research work plan, signed by the supervisor(s) and the applicant.


Submission of applications

Applicants to a PhD Degree without course must submit their applications by means of a request form addressed to the Chairperson of the Scientific Council of the Organisational Unit that is responsible for the cycle of studies or to the competent entity when the cycle of studies is held in association with other institution.

All the application’s documents may be submitted in person at the Academic In-Person Assistance of the SGA operating in the Student Hub, or by means of the online form: https://apps.uc.pt/forms/view/sga/en

The application may be submitted at any time by the applicant.


Further information

Upon the acceptance of the application, the Scientific Council may impose or recommend that the applicant attend curricular units delivered at the University of Coimbra, under a system of isolated curricular units. In case of an imposition, the PhD student cannot request for the PhD Defence if he does not successfully accomplish all the curricular units.

The application is subject to the payment of a fee of €50.

The submission of the authenticated original documents is required of the placed students who enrol and register at the UC, and it must be accomplished until 31st December in order to complete the student’s personal file.

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