EMSURE - Energy and Mobility for SUstainable REgions


WAM2015 | Workshop on Assessment methodologies – energy, mobility and other real world applications

June 19, 2015 Coimbra, Portugal

Nowadays the use of assessment methodologies is becoming increasingly important due not only to concerns regarding better usage of limited resources but also to the need of justifying in a sound way the decision making choices. The use of recognized assessment techniques is actually mandatory in many situations, considering environmental, social, economic and sustainability concerns.

This workshop has as main objective to bring together researchers working in this broad area of impact assessment methodologies and project appraisal, contributing to both theoretical and methodological advances.

During the workshop, researchers will be invited to discuss assessment methodologies and their applications to energy, mobility as well as other real world applications. Contributions regarding the development of new or the improvement of known methodologies are also welcome.

March 18th 2014, Lecture by Dr. Roy Baria | Engineered Geothermal Systems – state of the art

A lecture entitled "Engineered Geothermal Systems - state of the art"(*), presented by Dr. Roy Baria, will take place next Tuesday, March 18th, at 11:00 a.m in room 3.5 of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (UC, Polo II).

Admission is free.

Dr. Roy Baria is a prominent researcher with vast experience, over 3 decades, in the development and coordination of projects in the area of geothermal energy at great deep. He is the Technical Director and co-founder of EGS Energy Ltd. (http://www.egs-energy.com/).

Geothermal energy is one of the renewable energy sources of high potential, but still relatively exploited. Apart from the globally interest, this topic is of particular interest to various fields of Engineering and Initiative EfS community - Energy for Sustainability:students, researchers and teachers .

(*)EGS = Engineered Geothermal Systems: is the term for geothermal systems that take advantage of high enthalpy geothermal energy contained in rock mass at great depth.


February 12th 2014, ITeCons - Workshop EMSURE

The Project for Sustainable Energy and Mobility Regions - EMSURE - has defined as one of its key objectives, beyond the work of each Work Package (WP), the development of joint work and interactions between members of different WPs.

Thus, the increase of these interactions between members of the WP's is one of the central concerns of this project as it is a key to complement the analysis and the scientific output produced by the different WPs.

Therefore a Workshop was held between researchers of EMSURE to present and discuss different methodologies of impact assessment, developed in the framework of WP5, that may be applied in the ongoing work in other WPs.

part I - "Work Packages" leaders presentations

  • WP1 - Carlos Henggeler Antunes
  • WP2 - António Pais Antunes
  • WP3 - Antonio Tadeu
  • WP4 - José Costa

part II - Presentations by WP5 about different approaches to impact analysis:

Luis Dias - "Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis"

Fausto Freire - "Extended Life Cycle Assessment"

João Paul Costa - "Multiobjective optimization"

Pedro Godinho - "Cost benefit analysis - issues raised in real applications"

Pedro Ramos - "Input-Output Analysis"

Patrícia Pereira da Silva - "Integrated impact assessment: examples of recent applications"


April 1st 2013 - Kickoff Meeting


    • Overall presentation of the project, the environment and the adaptations it has undergone;
    • Brief presentation of the contents of the WP by the respective coordinators;
    • Team Photography
    • Period for questions, suggestions, discussion;
    • Conclusions and closure.

    Event Photos