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::PhD Theses

::Masters Dissertations


Ongoing Projects

SUSTRAINABLE – Promoting Sustainability as Fundamental Driver in Software Development Training and EducationCISUC2020-
European Campus of University Cities - EC2UEuropean Commission International entities and UC (ADAI, CeBER, ISR, IJ) 2020-
Design and Development of Super-Efficient Refrigerator with Phase Change Materials (PCMs)ISR-UC2019-2021
CA EED 2– Concerted Action for the Energy Efficiency DirectiveInternational entities2019-2021
M-Benefits - Valuing and Communicating Multiple Benefits of Energy-Efficiency MeasuresHorizon 2020Fraunhofer, Université de Neuchâtel, Universiteit Utrecht, University of Oxford, Borg & Co AB, BPIE, Grazer Energieagentur, FIRE, KAPE, NTUA, ISR-UC, Hochschule Luzern2018-2021
MAnAGER - Models and algorithms for automated stand-alone and aggregated energy management systems to enhancing demand response in the SME and residential sectorFEDERINESCC2018-2021
T4ENERTEC- Tools for supporting the selection of energy efficient technologiesFEDERINESCC2018-2021
RETROSIM - Multi-Objective Building Retrofit, Simulation and Monitoring on-line optimization tool for Improving Energy Efficiency in BuildingsFEDERINESCC2018-2021
ECOGREENROOF: desenvolvimento de ecomateriais para coberturas verdesFEDERW2V, CVR, Itecons2018-2021
OPTIMA: Optimised Pest Integrated Management to precisely detect and control plant diseases in perennial crops and open-field vegetablesEuropean Union – Horizon 2020AUA, UPC, ILVO, UNITO, IRSTEA, WR, UC, IRHS-INRA, FEDE, CAFFINI, AGE, APRO, Terre da Vino, INVENIO, ECPA, CERTH2018-2021
SET-LCA: Streamlined Ecodesign Tools based on Life Cycle Assessment incorporating uncertaintyFEDER/FCT | CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-030570ADAI, INESCC (Portugal), Embrapa Agroindústria (Brasil)2018-2021
STREAMLAB: Streamlined environmental and cost life-cycle assessment of building retrofits: a decision-supporting toolFCT | MIT-EXPL/SUS/0013/2017CIE-ADAI, CEBER_UC, INESCC2018-2020
CTB BASICS: CleanTechBlock – Sustainable Multi-functional Building Block BasicsM-ERA.NET/FCTJožef Stefan Institute (JSI), CellMat Technologies S.L. (CMT), ADAI-LAETA2017-2020
SUSpENsE - Sustainable built environment under natural hazards and extreme eventsCENTRO 2020INESCC, CITTA2017-2020
SABIOS: Sustainability assessment of bioenergy systems: a life cycle multi-criteria decision-support approach, including land use changeFEDER/FCT | PTDC/AAG-MAA/6234/2014 (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016765)UA, CIE- ADAI, INESCC2016-2020
Study of the impact of electricity generation renewable sources on the national economyINESC Coimbra2018-
MultiBiorefineryCOMPETE 2020 no âmbito do Sistema de Apoio à Investigação Científica e Tecnológica (SAICT): Programas de Atividades Conjuntas (PAC)UA, UM, REQUIMTE-P, iNOVA4Health, CIEPQPF, UCP2018-
ISY-AIR – An Integrated System for Urban Scale Air Quality Assessment and Forecast (MIT-EXPL/IRA/0023/2017)FCT (MIT Portugal Program)CITTA, CESAM2018-
Driving2Driverless: Urban and Regional Transport Management under a Scenario of Shared Electric Fully Automated MobilityCOMPETECITTA, CESAM2018-
BooST – Boosting Starter Cycling CitiesFEDER-COMPETE2020CITTA, Universidade de Aveiro, European Cyclists’ Federation, Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte CCDR-n2018-
SENZEB - Serra da Estrela Nearly-Zero Energy buildingsVáriosADAI, CES, ITeCons, Câmara Municipal de Gouveia, Associação Passivhaus Portugal,Ampere Energy, Amorim Isolamentos, Carpintaria Casanova, Otiima – Larglass, Gyptec, Home Grid, IOLine, Love Tiles, Margres, Preceram, Sanitana, Secil, Tintas Robbialac, Tisem, Volcalis2018-
FUGIRE - Follow-Up: Integrated management of energy resourcesINESC Coimbra2017-
SusMob - Sustainable MobilityINESC Coimbra2017-
Behave - Energy behaviours as promoters of end-use energy efficiencyINESC Coimbra2017-
EA4EE - Enhancing the potential of energy audits to improve energy efficiencyINESC Coimbra2017-
GICP&AD - Integrated management of consumption and dispersed generation and storageINESC Coimbra2017-
OPTIRED - Optimal management of electrical networksINESC Coimbra2017-
OSE - Optimization in energy systemsINESC Coimbra2017-
GreenSoftwareLab: Towards an Engineering Discipline for Green SoftwareFCTCISUC2016-
PERSON - European Platform for Energy Research in the Socio-economic NexusINESC2015-
CENTAUR – Cost Effective Neural Technique for Alleviation of Urban Flood RiskH2020Universidade de Sheffield, Universidade de Coimbra/Mare2015-
SET-LCA - Streamlined Ecodesign Tools based on Life Cycle Assessment incorporating uncertaintyINESCC
Concluded projects
Development of the Azores Regional Action Plan for Energy EfficiencyINESCCMar-Dec 2019
V2G - Vehicle2Grid ISR-UC, Magnum Cap2018-2019
Prestação de serviços de assistência técnica específica no âmbito da operação “Promoção da eficiência energética na frota dos SMTUCPortugal 2020SMTUC, INESCC2018-2019
Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design of medicine packagingVALORMEDCIE-ADAI2018-2019
Ecodesign preparatory study for lifts implementing the Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019ISR-UC2017-2019
GROW Lot 11 – Ecodesign PreparatoryISR-UC2017-2019
Learn2Behave - Understanding energy behaviours to induce efficiency in energy consumption through PBL strategiesFEDERINSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO DE LEIRIA, INESC Coimbra - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores de Coimbra, INSTITUTO POLITECNICO DE COIMBRA, INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO DE SETÚBAL2017-2019
PCMs4BuildingsCompete/P2020/EU/FCTADAI, UC, LAETA, CIEPQPF, ISISE2016-2019
Ren4EEnIEQ - Comprehensive BIM add-on tool for the improvement of energy efficiency and indoor environment quality in renovation of buildingsFEDERUniversidade de Aveiro, INESC Coimbra, ADAI2016-2019
Premium Light ProEuropean UnionAustrian Energy Agency, SEVEn, Energy piano, co2online, Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano, Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency (FEWE), ISR-University of Coimbra, Ecoserveis, Energy Saving Trust2016-2019
NEXTSTEP - Smart-Grid SubstationEfacec Energia, Efacec Electric Mobility, Eneida, the University of Coimbra and INESC TEC, Itecons2016-2019
PAVENERGY – Pavement Energy Harvest SolutionsCentro 2020UC2016-2019
SUSTAINFOR: Sustainability assessment of forest sector management strategies in the context of a bioeconomyFEDER/FCT | PTDC/AGR-FOR/1510/2014 (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016764)CESAM-UA, UA, CIE- ADAI2016-2019
URBANWINS: Urban metabolism accounts for building waste management innovative networks and strategiesEuropean Union – Horizon 2020 | Grant Agreement No. 690047Cremona, Ecosistemi, IUAV, Ecoteca, RoGBC, ECOTIC, CTM, ICLEI EURO, UC, Chalmers, NOVA ID, GLOBAL INOV, Marraiafura, Citta Metropolitana diRoma, CEIFACOOP, Mun, Bucaresti, ENVIRON, CCIAA CREM, SABADELL, ISTAT, Manresa, Município de Leiria, Consorci Bages, SERI, CREE GMBH, Citta di Torino, LineaGestioni SRL2016-2019
OTGEN3 - "Elaboração de estudo para caracterizar e avaliar o papel que os equipamentos de armazenamento de energia poderão vir a desempenhar nos futuros Sistemas Elétricos de Energia”INESC Coimbra & INESC TEC2017-2018
EnergyBOR - Behavioural issues in decision making on energy efficiencyINESCC2016-2018
URBY.SENSE - Urban mobility analysis and prediction for non-routine scenarios using digital footprintsco-financed by COMPETE 2020, Portugal 2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization (POCI), European Union’s ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).FCTUC, FEUP, MIT, IST, TUDelft2016-2018
WASHONE: Desenvolvimento de um sistema inovador sanitário interativo com alta performance de conforto, recuperação de resíduos e poupança de águaFEDER/COMPETE 2020 | Projeto n.º 17461ADAI2016-2018
Consulting in the Plan for the Promotion of End-Use EfficiencyEDPINESCC, ISR2016-2018
TRAPHICP2020-PTDC/ECM-URB/3329/2014CITTA, ADAI, Univ. Aveiro, Univ. Combra, Univ.Porto2016-2018
Ren4EEnIEQ - Comprehensive BIM add-on tool for the improvement of energy efficiency and indoor environment quality in renovation of buildingsFCT/CompeteADAI, INESCC, CiAUD, FA(UL), FMH (UL), UC, LAETA2016-2017
BIO2URBAN: Biodiesel blends for road vehicles in urban areasLAETA | LAETA-UID/EMS/50022IDMEC, INEGI, CIE- ADAI2016-2017
IMMO - Install, Monitor and Multi-OtimizationP2020/Centro 2020/ FEDERINESCC, ISA2015-17
SusCity - Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitionsFCT (MITP)INESCTEC, IST-ID, FCUL, idmec, LNEG, UC, UM, ADENE, edp distribuição, MIT, CML, IBM, iTds, R&D NESTER, NOVABASE2015-17
BioHeavy - Extended “well-to-wheels” assessment of biodiesel for heavy transport vehiclesCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTADAI, INESCC, LAETA2012-16
INOVENERGY - Energy Efficiency on the Agro-Industrial SectorCompete/QREN/EUIPBC ,UBI, ISQ, IPB, ADAI, IPVC, IPP, AnimaForum
GerAPlanO - Automated generation of Floor plan designs with thermal performance optimizationCompete/QREN/EUUC, VisioArq, CiberBit, WSBP2014-15
EMSURE - Energy and Mobility for SUstainable REgionsMais Centro/QREN/EUADAI, CES, CGeo, CISUC, CICC, ITeCons, CIEC, CIEPQPF, GEMF, CMA-IMAR, INESCC, IPCDVS, ISR2013-15
Energy Box – Development and implementation of a demand-responsive energy management systemFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramINESCC, IPCDVS, MIT2010-14
EcoDeep – Eco-efficiency and Eco-management in Agro-industryCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTIPC, IPCB, UA, ADAI, UTAD, IPB2011-13
3Es – Energy Efficient SchoolsTeixeira Duarte S.ATDGI S.A., ADAI, GEMF, INESCC2012-14
GALP-Fuels Implementation of methodologies to evaluate the performance of fuelsPetrogal, ADAI2012-14
GROUND-MED - Advanced ground source heat pump systems for heating and cooling in Mediterranean climateEU-FP7ISR2009-14
Improving Dwellings by Enhancing Actions on Labelling of the EPBDIDEAL EPBD - ECISR2008-11
BioTrans - Capturing Uncertainty in Biofuels for Transportation. Resolving Environmental Performance and Enabling Improved UseCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTADAI-LAETA, INESC, MIT2010-13
Consulting site ECO EDPEDPINESCC, ISR..
EESEVS - Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Electric Vehicle SystemsFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramINESCC, ADAI, ISR, MIT2010-13
iTEAM – Integrated Transportation and Energy Activity-Based ModelFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramFCTUC, IST, FEUP, MIT2009-12
Contribution of Thermal Active Mortars for Building Energy EfficiencyFCTUM, ITeCons, BASF, SM, SIVAL, UA2008-13
MODERN - MObility, Development and Energy use ReductioNCIVITAS PLUS programmeISR2009-13
PTDC/ENR/64971/2006 - Multiobjective Models for Energy Efficiency EvaluationFCTINESCC2007-10
SB – Sustainable Buildings, Development of a WeB-based Monitoring Tool for Energy Consumption and Indoor Environmental QualityQRENWSBP, ADAI2010-12
Thermal characterization of building elements using thermography – computational modeling and experimental approachFCTUC, ITeCons, FEUP2011-13