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Research Units and Educational units


The Energy for Sustainability (EfS) initiative brings together faculty and researchers from various teaching and research institutions from the University of Coimbra, as well as autonomous R&D units associated with this University. This page displays the most representative institutions in the EfS initiative’s planning and implementation.

R&D units

ADAIAssociation for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics
CeBERCentre for Business and Economics Research
CEFCentre for Functional Ecology
CESCentre for Social Studies
CFisUCCentre for Physics of the University of Coimbra
CGeoCentre for Geosciences
CISUCCentre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra
LAETA/IteconsInstitute for Research and Technological Development in Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability
CITTAResearch Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment
CIEPQPFChemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre
IJLaw Institute
INESCCInstitute for Systems and Computers Engineering Coimbra
IPCDHSInstitute of Cognitive Psychology, Human and Social Development
ISRInstitute of Systems and Robotics


FDUCFaculty of Law
FEUCFaculty of Economics
FPCEFaculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
DArqDepartament of Architecture
DCTDepartment of Earth Sciences
DCVDepartment of Life Sciences
DECDepartment of Civil Engineering
DEECDepartment of Computers and Electrical Engineering
DEIDepartment of Informatics Engineering
DMatDepartment of Mathematics
DEMDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
DEQDepartment of Chemical Engineering
DFDepartment of Physics