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PhD Theses

Ongoing work

Starting date
Material Flow Analysis integrated with Life Cycle Assessment to support a Circular Economy of plastics in PortugalMariana Marques GonçalvesF. Freire, R. Garcia2020/2021
Off-Grid Solar Systems for Sustainable Development - Design and Optimization of a Cold-Storage System with Thermal Energy Storage for Developing CountriesEvandro de Santana GarciaA. Traça de Almeida, A. Coimbra2020/2021
Overcoming Key Challenges for Decarbonizing Cities Regarding B2DSMahmoud OuriaA. Traça de Almeida2020/2021
A decision-making tool for the renovation of buildings in coastal cities under future climate scenarios of the Middle EastNazanin Azimi FereidaniA. Gaspar, E. Rodrigues2020/2021
Study of 0D/1D model and of exhaust emissions of Internal Combustion EnginePedro Alexandre de Castro GonçalvesP. Carvalheira2020/2021
Multiple benefits of energy efficiency policies: Exploring new assessment toolsMarcos Daniel Nujo TenenteA. Gomes, C. Henriques, P.P. Silva2020/2021
Sustainable Energy Management of Microgrids for Rural Electrification using Computational Intelligence Techniques: a case study for MozambiqueJosé Eduardo Cipriano TafulaP. Moura, J. Mendes2020/2021
ADAPTIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR ELECTRIC BUS FLEETS - A hybrid approach with artificial intelligence and optimization methodsJônatas Augusto ManzolliC. Henggeler, J. Trovão2020/2021
Power generation expansion planning for the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources in developing countries: the case of AngolaConstantino Dário JustoP. Moura2020/2021
Performance analysis of membrane structures in buildingsBahareh RamezaniA. Tadeu, N. Simões, A. Ferreira2020/2021
The effects of glazing systems on the performance of a Nearly-Zero-Energy-Building in cold and warm climatesSaman Abolghasemi MoghaddamM.C. Gameiro da Silva, N. Simões2019-2020
Life-cycle assessment of waste-based products in a circular economy perspectiveErika BarrakF. Freire, C. Rodrigues2019-2020
Development of an Engineering Design Tool based on the Constructal LawMiguel Rolinho ClementeM. Panão2019-2020
Application of Reinforcement Learning and Smart Contract on Blockchain for Demand Flexibility AggregationOluwapelumi EgunjobiA. Gomes2019-2020
Improving Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in Healthcare Facilities in the Tropical Climates of Developing CountriesJean-paul kapuya bulaba nyembweM.C. Gameiro da Silva, N. Simões2019-2020
Indicator sets for Smart City AssessmentCarlos José Pereira Patrão Patrão A. Traça de Almeida, P. Moura2019-2020
Optimization of Electric Vehicle Charging for Sustainable Energy SystemsMahla ShariatzadehC. Henggeler, M. Lopes2019-2020
Evaluating the Impact of the Accession to the OECD and other Key Drivers on the Future of the Brazilian Electricity SectorAlex Sandro FeilP. Silva2018-2019
An aggregated active accessibility indicator for hilly citiesFilipe Joao Matos da Costa PaisJ. Coutinho | N. Sousa2018-2019
Monitoring and control strategies for the indoor environmental conditions in heritage buildingsNuno Francisco Baía da Silva Garcia SaraivaA. Gaspar | J. Costa2018-2019
Renewable Energy Clusters, Bridging the Rural and Urban Gap in Developing CountriesOrisowubo TamunopekerebiaP. Moura2018-2019
Bridging supply and demand imbalances in the West African Power Pool: The role and impact of renewables-based generationAmadou Mounirah Mariam BissiriP. Moura;  P.P. Silva;  N. Figueiredo2017
Integrated water-energy-food nexus quality management system model: proposal for agro-industrial companiesFernando Caixeta LisboaP. Saraiva;  F. Freire2017
Energy exchanges within an energy communityInês ReisC. Henggeler; M. Lopes2017
Production of Advanced Biofuels from Biomass: Maritime Sector as Potential ConsumerVinicius Andrade Dos SantosA. Portugal; P.P. Silva2017
Optimal Management of Public Transportation Electric Vehicle Fleets in Smart GridsNuno FariaC. Henggeler | J.P. Trovão2017
Portfolio management of PV, wind and hydro power assets in the G20 countries’ spot markets: the investor’s perspectiveVitor DelphimP.P. Silva | E. Lopes Gonçalves2017
Energy Consumption in the Portuguese Water Sector: Benchmarking, Barriers and Driving Forces to Energy EfficiencyBruno CardosoA. Gaspar |A. Gomes2017
Analysis and optimization of integrated solar combined cycle systemsSeyedmasoud TaheriJ. Baranda Ribeiro2017
The utilization of natural gas vehicular stations for storage and distributed generation (DESS - Distributed Energy Storage Systems)Ricardo AwazuPatrícia Silva2016
The Role and Value of Aggregation of Demand-Side FlexibilityVahid RasouliC. Henggeler Antunes, A. Gomes2016
Multi-dimensional analysis of the offshore energy and mineral resource potential at the azorean hydrothermal ventsLakshman Ravi Teja PedamalluNelson Rodrigues, Ramiro Neves2016
Distributed renewable energy based on DC-microgrids as means of rural development in developing countriesYohannes Biru AemroTraça de Almeida, Pedro Moura2016
The influence of meteoroly on indoor air qualityMaria Marrero SantanaM.Gameiro da Silva2016

Integration of Photovoltaic Systems, Energy Storage and Load Shifting to increase the generation and consumption matching in buildingsZuleika Hoyos CruzPedro Moura2015

Methodological tools for studying urban morphologies concerning the design of nearly zero-energy districtsAna Rita AmaralAdélio Gaspar; Álvaro Gomes2014
Energy management in climate sensitive new portuguese NZEBMaria GomesM. Gameiro da Silva2014
Typical domestic load curves in portugalMaria Graça RibeiroHumberto Jorge2014
Community based distributed energy generation – Renewable energy cooperatives and other citizens power initiativesNikola SahovicPatrícia Silva2014
The development of the model to combine the PV roof-top Systems and EVs used in PortugalRoham TorabikalakiÁlvaro Gomes2014

Optimization of building envelope in healthcare buildings towards better indoor environmental quality and energy performanceMiguel OlivaJ. Raimundo Mendes da Silva2012

Assessment of the potential for energy savings in buildings with building management systemsHermano BernardoA. Gaspar, C. Henggeler Antunes2010

Concluded theses 

Conclusion date

Compressed Air Energy Storage Potential: Suitable Reservoirs, Economic Analysis, and Investment AssessmentCatarina Rodrigues MatosPatrícia Silva; Júlio Carneirojunho | 2022
Indoor Air Quality and Energy Consumption in Ventilated BuildingsBehrang ChenariM. Gameiro da Silvajunho | 2022
Study and development of evaporators for residential-scale cogeneration systems based on organic Rankine cyclesJoão Pedro da Silva PereiraJosé Baranda Ribeiromaio | 2022
Integrated cost and environmental life-cycle analysis of windowsSeyedeh Shiva SaadatianFausto Freire; Nuno Simõesmaio | 2022
Comprehensive Life-cycle assessment of prefabricated housesVanessa TavaresFausto Freirefev | 2022
How social capital at the regenerative neighborhood level can inform net positive energy design?Lurian Pires KleinD. Hes,  G. Allegretti; M.C. Gameiro da SilvaDez | 2021
Climate Responsive Building Skin: development and physical behaviour of Green Roofs and FacadesRicardo AlmeidaA. Tadeu; N. SimõesJuly|2020
Consumer preference model for electric vehicles: a dynamic analysisGabriela OliveiraL. DiasOctober | 2019
Contributions to the Study of the Indoor Environment Through Online Monitoring of its Physical ParametersJoão CarrilhoM. Gameiro da SilvaJuly|2019
 Assessment of Policy, Technology, and Business Model Adaptation for Smart and Sustainable Electricity DistributionGuillermo PereiraPatrícia Silva
Assessing energy-efficiency market transformation: the case study of a developing Asian countryVivek SinghAntónio Gomes Martins; Carla HenriquesJan|2019
The application of ICB as an External Thermal Insulating Composite System: an Experimental and Numerical studyRosário FinoAntónio Tadeu; Nuno SimõesOut|2018
Load Management and Demand Response in Small and Medium Data CentersThiago VasquesPedro MouraJul|2018
ICT for Future Energy Systems ArchitecturesAndreia CarreiroH. Jorge, C. Henggeler AntunesMar|2018
Integrating Multi Criteria Decision Analysis in Life Cycle Sustainability AssessmentChongyang DuL. Dias; F. FreireMar|2018
Dynamic Behavior of Linear and Point Thermal Bridges of buildings - Numerical and Experimental SimulationsJoana PrataA. Tadeu, N. SimõesFev|2018
Integrating urban design and sustainable development: Life-cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions from urban residential patternsJoana BastosF. FreireDec|2017
Occupational and safety issues of workers in central tower solar energy facilitiesDanyela Samaniego RasconM. Gameiro da Silva; Almerindo FerreiraDec|2017
Natural Ventilation in Old Buildings: recommendations for its improvementAtefeh SalehiM. Torres; A. RamosMay|2017
Integrating life cycle assessment and energy building simulation to  improve residential buildings’ performanceHelena MonteiroF. FreireMay|2017
Modelling of heat diffusion for infrared thermography applications in building elementsCatarina SerraAntónio Tadeu, Nuno SimõesMarch|2017
Evaluation of Key Determinants of Electricity Market Integration in a context of high penetration of renewable: The European Internal MarketNuno FigueiredoPatrícia SilvaMarch|2017
Life-cycle environmental and cost assessment of building retrofits evaluating conventional and streamlined approachesCarla RodriguesF. FreireMarch|2017
Optimization of feedstock blends to improve biodiesel cost effectiveness and manage environmental impactsCarla CaldeiraF. FreireJanuary|2017
Integrated Management of Residential Energy Resources: Models, Algorithms and ApplicationAna SoaresC. Henggeler Antunes, A. Oliveira GomesJuly|2016
A Commuting Satellite Account applied to the Lisbon Metropolitan AreaJoão P. FerreiraP. Nogueira Ramos, L.CruzJune|2016
Methodology to simulate the impact of a large deployment of a residential energy management system in the electricity gridPedro MiguelA. Gomes Martins, L. NevesMay|2016
Methodology for real impact assessment of the best location of distributed electric energy storage systemsJosé GonçalvesA. Gomes Martins, L. NevesMay|2016
Dynamic fleet-based life-cycle assessment: addressing environmental consequences of the introduction of electric vehicles in PortugalRita GarciaF. FreireMarch|2016
Modernised Portuguese Schools - From IAQ and Thermal Comfort towards Energy Efficiency PlansLuísa DiasM. Gameiro da SilvaFebruary|2016
Energy behaviours as promoters of energy efficiency: an integrative modelling approachMarta LopesC. Henggeler Antunes, N. MartinsJanuary|2016
A hybrid input-output multi-objective model to assess economic-energy-environment trade-offs: an application to Brazil and prospective sugarcane bioethanol technologiesAriovaldo CarvalhoFausto Freire, C. HenggelerJanuary|2016
Thermal energy storage with phase change materials (PCMs) for the improvement of the energy performance of buildingsNelson Lopes SoaresJosé J. Costa, A. Gaspar, P. SantosDecember|2015
High efficiency ground source heat pump systems for sustainable building space conditioningAnabela CarvalhoA. Traça de Almeida, J.J. CostaJuly|2015
Microalgae as feedstock for advanced biofuels: sustainability and policy assessmentLauro RibeiroP. Pereira da SilvaFebruary|2015
Life-cycle Optimization Model for Distributed Generation in BuildingsAmir SafaeiC. Henggeler Antunes, F. FreireNovember|2014
Automated Floor Plan Design: Generation, Simulation, and OptimizationEugénio RodriguesA. Gaspar, Á. GomesJuly|2014
Environmental sustainability assessment of soybean and palm biodiesel systems: a life-cycle approachÉrica Geraldes CastanheiraF. FreireJune|2014
A Retrofit Decision Support Approach for Improving Energy Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality in BuildingsEhsan AsadiM.C. Gameiro da Silva, C. Henggeler Antunes, L. DiasNovember|2013
Energy and exergy assessments for an enhanced use of energy in buildingsPedro GonçalvesA. Gaspar, M.C. Gameiro da SilvaNovember|2013