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Lecturers and researchers

The lecturers at the University of Coimbra involved in the Energy for Sustainability initiative are currently the following:

ADAI - Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics
Adélio Manuel Rodrigues GasparBuildings and Energy Systems  | Thermal simulation of buildings | Energy Efficiency | Renewable energy |Thermal comfort and thermal stress
Almerindo Domingues FerreiraWind engineering | Fluid mechanics| Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD) | Aeolian erosion | wind around buildings
António Manuel Gameiro LopesFluid mechanics | Heat Transfer
António Manuel Mendes RaimundoHeat and mass transfer | Energetic and economic efficiency of buildings and in industry | Computational methods in fluid dynamics and heat transfer | Human thermoregulation modeling |Thermal Comfort
António Rui de Almeida FigueiredoNumerical modeling of flows with heat transfer | drying processes | performance of heat storage systems
Carla Abreu RodriguesSustainable construction | buildings retrofits | life-cycle assessment of buildings and building components | life-cycle costing | streamlined life-cycle approaches
Divo Augusto Alegria QuintelaThermal Comfort | Building Climatology | Air Pollution | Occupational Safety and Health
Domingos Xavier Filomeno Carlos Viegas
Eugénio RodriguesBuilding Generative Design | Building Performance Simulation | Building Performance Optimization | Indoor Thermal Comfort | Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Fausto Seixas FreireIndustrial Ecology | Energy and environmental management | Life-cycle assessment | Bioenergy | Energy Systems
Joana Martins Faria de Bastos
Jorge Campos Silva AndréEnergy Efficient Buildings | Cogeneration
José Joaquim da CostaNumerical modeling of flows with heat and mass transfer | Solar adsorption refrigeration and energy storage | Aerodynamic Sealing | Phase Change Materials | Buildings and Energy Systems | Indoor Air Quality
José Manuel Baranda Moreira da Silva RibeiroEnergy efficiency | Energy management | Cogeneration, microgeneration and microcogeneration
Luís Adriano Alves de Sousa Oliveira 
Manuel Carlos Gameiro da SilvaIndoor Environmental Quality | Energy Efficiency | Measurement Systems | Vehicle Testing | Engineering Education
Miguel Rosa Oliveira PanãoThermal management systems | Atomization and sprays | Constructal Theory | Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics | Information Theory in Two-Phase Flow Data Analysis
Nelson Miguel Lopes SoaresBuilding technology and physics | Phase change materials (PCMs) | Numerical and experimental assessment of the heat transfer with solid-liquid phase change | Dynamic simulation of energy in buildings | Sustainable built environment
Ricardo António Lopes MendesEnergy and sustainable development
Rita Pinheiro GarciaEnvironmental management | Industrial Ecology | Life cycle sustainability assessment | Carbon, water, and environmental footprints | Bioenergy and bioproducts systems

CeBER - Centre for Business and Economics Research
Eduardo Jorge Gonçalves BarataEcological Economics | Energy | Regional Economics | Environmental Science
João Paulo Faria Oliveira e CostaDecision support and optimization methodologies
Luís Guilherme CruzEcologic Economics | Energy Policy | Input-Output Analysis | Environmental Science |Urban and Regional Science
Luís Cândido DiasOperations research | Decision Analysis | Sustainability assessment | Stakeholder involvement | Group decision and negotiation
Maria João Teixeira Gomes AlvesDecision support and optimization methodologies
Maria Rita Vieira MartinsEnergy - Economy studies
Patricia Pereira da Silva Vasconcelos CorreiaEnergy economics | Energy Markets | Finance | Sustainable energy systems | Investments Appraisal
Pedro Manuel Cortesão GodinhoTransportation - Economy studies | Investment Appraisal | Optimization | Finance
CFE - Centre for Functional Ecology
Helena FreitasEcology| Biodiversity | Sustainability of ecosystems
Miguel Pardal 
CFisUC - Centro de Física da UC
João Manuel de Sá Campos Gil

CES - Centre for Social Studies
Adelino GonçalvesArchitecture and Urbanism
Alexandre Oliveira Tavares  
Ana Cordeiro Santos 
Carlos José C. Guerreiro FortunaSustainable Urban Environment
Claudino Cristóvão FerreiraSustainable Urban Environment
João Paulo Vergueiro Monteiro de Sá CardielosArchitecture | urban and landscape design | Urban planning | energy efficient cities | Buildings and technologies | urban regeneration | Nearly zero energy buildings | active and passive architecture
José António Oliveira BandeirinhaUrban energy planning | Energy, sustainability and urban condition
José Manuel Mendes 
José M. de Andrade P. Pereira de OliveiraCognitive Psychology
Nancy Duxbury  
Paulo Peixoto Sustainable Urban Environment
Rita Serra  
Stefania Barca  
Tiago Santos Pereira 
Tiago CastelaHistory of Architecture and Urbanism | Housing | Colonial Urbanism | Urban Geography | Theory of Global Urbanism
Vítor Manuel Bairrada MurtinhoEnergy Efficient Buildings
CGeo - Geosciences Center
Ana Paula MachadoGeothermal Energy | Urban energy planning
Mário Quinta FerreiraEngineering Geology | Dams | Natural materials | Foundations
Nelson Edgar Viegas RodriguesGeothermal Energy | Concentrated Solar Power
Rui P. B. Pena dos ReisHydrocarbon Exploration | Carbon Capture and Storage
CINEICC - Center for Research in Neuropsychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Intervention

Leonor Pais
Knowledge management | Decent work | Human resources management | Economy for the Common Good

CISUC - Centre for Informatics and Systems
Ana Maria Almeida  
Carlos Lisboa BentoSustainable Mobility
Edmundo MonteiroIT engineering | Telecommunications networks | mobile networks | Information security
João Paulo FernandesSustainable Software Engineering|Green Computing|Software Energy Efficiency
LAETA|Itecons -  Institute for Research and Technological Development in Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability
Ana Teresa Vaz Ferreira Ramos Energy Efficient Buildings | Sustainable Construction | Buildings Rehabilitation
António José Barreto TadeuApplied Acoustics | Wave propagation | Thermo-hygrometric behaviour of construction elements | Fire safety | Energy Efficient Buildings 
Catarina Lopes SerraEnergy performance of buildings | Thermal behaviour | Heat transfer | Materials and construction technologies |Infrared Thermography
Joana Dias Prata
José António Raimundo Mendes da SilvaBuilding Technology and Rehabilitation | Construction Sustainability | Energy Efficient Buildings
Julieta Maria Pires AntónioEnergy Efficient Buildings | Building Acoustics
Luís Manuel Cortesão Godinho Acoustics | Wave propagation | Inspection techniques | Heat and mass transfer
Maria Isabel Morais TorresBuilding Technology | Rehabilitation | Thermo-hygrometric behaviour of construction elements | Energy Efficient Buildings | Construction Sustainability
Nuno Albino Vieira SimõesThermal behaviour of Buildings | Building Physics | Building inspection techniques | Materials and construction Technologies | Heat and mass transfer
Inês SimõesBuilding thermography | Thermal building | Building Physics | Building inspections techniques | Materials and construction technologies
CITTA - Research Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment
Adelino Lopes FerreiraPavement Energy Harvest Systems | Sustainable Mobility | Transport Infrastructure Management Systems | Life Cycle Assessment of Transport Infrastructures | Transport Safety Management Systems
Álvaro Jorge da Maia SecoSustainable Mobility
Ana Maria César Bastos Silva Sustainable Mobility | Carbon Capture and Storage
Anabela Salgueiro Narciso Ribeiro Sustainable Mobility | Transport Planning | Spatial Planning | Modelling Approaches | ‘Transport Planning’ and ‘Land Use’ Interactions within ‘Sustainable Development’ perspective
António José Pais AntunesSustainable Mobility | Transport Planning | Spatial Planning |  Operations Research
João Miguel Fonseca BigotteInnovation & Entrepreneurship | Spatial Planning | Transportation | Smart Cities | Operations Research
Paulo Alexandre Lopes de Figueiredo Coelho Sustainable Mobility
Oxana Anatolievna TchepelSustainable transport and urban environment | road transport emission modelling | urban air quality | population exposure modelling
CIEPQPF - Chemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre
Abel Gomes Martins Ferreira BioEnergy
António Garcia PortugalBioenergy | Biodiesel and energy from forest residues | Biomass | Biorefineries
Cristina Maria Santos Gaudêncio Baptista BioEnergy | PSE- Process Systems Engineering | Chemical Reaction
Hermínio de C. de Sousa "Greener”, sustainable, safe, biomimetic and environmentally-friendly processes for the development of added-value products, materials and applications | Extraction/separation processes from natural-origin products and from their residues | Materials and Biomaterials, polymers/biopolymers and hybrid/composite materials | Biomedical applications and drug delivery systems | Ionic liquids and their applications
Isabel Maria Almeida Fonseca Bioenergy | Phase Equilibria (G/L solubility, VLE, LLE) | Treatment of Data
Jorge Manuel Santos RochaBioEnergy | Biochemical Engineering | Biorefinery |  Biocatalysis
Lino de Oliveira SantosChemical Engineering
Margarida QuinaMathematical modelling of processes | circular economy | waste management |  soil remediation |  composting  and anaerobic digestion | phosphorus and metals separation and recovery
Maria da Graça Videira Sousa CarvalhoBioEnergy | Biorefinery | Pulp and Paper Technology |  Chemical Engineering
Maria Graça Rasteiro 
Maria Margarida Lopes FigueiredoBioEnergy
Marco Seabra dos ReisProcess Analytics | Industrial Data Science | Quality Technology | Statistical Machine Learning | Big Data
Natércia Cristina Pires Fernandes BioEnergy
Nuno Manuel Clemente de OliveiraProcess Systems Engineering | Process Integration and Intensification | Chemical Process Design and Supervision | Biorefining
INESCC - Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra
Álvaro Filipe Peixoto Cardoso de Oliveira GomesLoad Simulation and Modelling | Load research, Load Management | Efficient Use of Energy Resources | Demand-Side Management | Evolutionary computation and Multiobjective Optimization
António Gomes MartinsEnergy efficiency | Energy demand-side management | Energy policies for market transformation | Energy planning for sustainability | Smart networks and devices for intelligent use of energy resources
Carla Oliveira HenriquesEnergy - Economy - Environment studies | Multiobjective Linear Programming Models | Uncertainty Handling techniques through interval programming | Input-Output Analysis |Renewable energy and energy efficiency
Carlos Alberto Henggeler de Carvalho AntunesEnergy efficiency | Operational Research | optimization| Energy Systems
Cidália Maria Parreira da Costa FonteGeospatial Information Science | Remote Sensing | Uncertainty and Accuracy Assessment| Volunteer Geographic Information
Gil Rito GonçalvesPhotogrammetry and Remote Sensing | Information extraction and analysis from Geospatial Technologies
Humberto Manuel Matos JorgeDemand Response | Energy Efficiency | Smart Grids | Power Quality
Joana Maria Pina Cabral Matos DiasDecision support and optimization methodologies
José Alfeu Almeida de Sá Marques
José Paulo Elvas Duarte de AlmeidaGeographic information science & technologies
José Paulo Lopes de Almeida
João Carlos Namorado ClímacoMulticriteria decision aiding | network analysis | location analysis | communication networks planning and management
João Manuel Coutinho RodriguesUrban/Land-use & Transportation Planning | Optimization, Systems Analysis | Facilities Location | Multicriteria Analysis in Civil / Environmental Engineering | Smartcities
Luís Miguel Pires NevesElectrical Engineering - Energy Systems | Energy Systems and Policies | Decision Support Systems
Marta Alexandre dos Reis LopesEnergy behaviours | behaviour modelling | sustainable energy systems | energy efficiency | smart grids | demand response | energy policies | environmental management | eco-efficiency | environmental impacts | sustainability
Nuno Eduardo da Cruz Simões
Paulo José Gameiro PereirinhaElectric vehicles and sustainable mobility | Electrical machines | Renewable energies | Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics
IJ - Law Institute
Maria Alexandra Sousa AragãoEnvironmental European Law | Environmental Portuguese Law | Sustainable Development Law | European Union Law |European Governance
Rui Moura Ramos
Suzana Tavares da SilvaEnergy law | Public law | Tax law
IPCDHS - Institute of Cognitive Psychology, Human and Social Development
Armando Luis Dinis Mónica OliveiraEnergy and sustainable development | Experimental Cognitive  Psychology | perception and attention | judgment & Decision Making
José Miguel de Andrade Pina Pereira de Oliveira 
Maria São João BredaPsychology | Psychology for Sustainability | Consumer Pro-environmental behavior
ISR - Institute for Systems and Robotics
Aníbal Traça de Carvalho AlmeidaEnergy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings | Distributed Generation and Renewable Energies | Energy Storage and Smart Grids | Industrial Automation | Field Robotics
Fernando José Teixeira Estêvão Ferreira Engenharia Eletrotécnica
Joaquim DelgadoVehicle to grid (V2G)
Paula Fonseca 
Pedro Soares MouraDemand-Side Management | Demand Response | Renewable Energy | Energy Storage | Smart Grids 
Other Entities
Alcides J. S. Castilho Pereira, CITEUCGeothermal Energy | Natural Radioactivity | Remote Sensing
Ana Lucia Marto Sargento, CIGS-INDEA-IPLRegional Economy | Input-Output models
Luís J. P. Figueiredo NevesCITEUCGeothermal Energy | Natural Radioactivity | Raw Materials | Environment |GIS and Remote Sensing
Nuno Manuel Gameiro Rebelo dos Santos (CEFAGE, Univ. Évora)Organizational cooperation | Leadership | Organizational intervention
Mário Jorge Teles Carvalhal, UC/ GESA 
Paulo Fernando Antunes dos Santos, ISISEThermal behaviour and energy efficiency in buildings | Sustainability and life cycle analysis on construction
Pedro Manuel Tavares Lopes de Andrade SaraivaInnovation | Quality Management | Process Systems Engineering | New Product Development |Applied Statistics | Entrepreneurship
Sara Moreno PiresGOVCOPP Univ. AveiroIndicators of sustainable development | local governance | sustainable cities | environmental public policies | public administration
Stuart Batterman, COHSE, Univ. do Michigan - Ann Arbor 
Ulisses Azeiteiro, CESAM, Univ. AveiroClimate Change | Adaptation to Climate Change | Climate Literacy | Sustainability