DCV students participated in field activities in Spain
The heading "Archive of Life Sciences" publishes DCV documentation every month
Project to combat obesity and promote lifelong health includes DCV researchers
Helena Freitas, DCV teacher and CFE Coordinator, was the guest of the podcast Do Zero
Installation "Communicate with the trees" with Cristina Nabais and Jorge Durán
Social lunch with graduates from the 3 areas of DCV
Lucie Mota, doctoral student at DCV, spoke to "90 seconds of science"
The awards for the 3rd edition of the UC Science Week were handed out this week
Verónica Ferreira, DCV researcher, on the program "Antena 2 Ciência"
"Plantas na Serra" is a podcast resulting from a partnership involving CFE
DCV was represented at the UC "Open Week"
Sílvia Castro and Hugo Gaspar, DCV researchers, in a report on RTP1's Telejornal
Miguel Pardal, professor and current director of DCV, takes over coordination of the training offer on the Figueira da Foz campus
The "Life Sciences Archive" presents another relic of its estate
VALSAR project (sargasso enhancement) highlighted
Seena Sahadevan, DCV researcher, is co-author of a book that will be presented on the 13th
Nuno Capela is the most recent Doctor of DCV
Verónica Ferreira, DCV researcher, coordinated an international study on streams
International study with DCV researchers led to publication in Nature
José Paulo Sousa, professor at DCV, honored by the Dean of the State University of Santa Catarina (Brazil)
Catarina Siopa and Sara Lopes, DCV researchers, participated in an RTP2 program
The new DCV Doctors!
The "Life Sciences Archive" is a monthly item that aims to disseminate documentation/information on DCV
Nuno Capela, DCV researcher, is the protagonist of the program "The Words of the World"
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