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Advanced Control of Power Converters

Name of the Curricular Unit: Advanced Control of Power Converters

Lecturer: André Mendes  ( 


This course intends to analyze several high-power converter topologies, drive system configurations and advanced control schemes. The course provides an overview of high-power MV drives, which includes drive system configurations, typical industrial applications, power converter topologies and semiconductor devices.Special attention will be given to multilevel converter topologies for voltage source and current source converters, based on neutral pointclamped and cascaded H-bridge converters. Modulationschemes for the multilevel converterssuch as trapezoidal pulse width modulations, selective.Two control schemes, field oriented control and direct torque control, are analyzed.Some projects developed in the Matlab/Simulink© platform are explored.

Evaluation method: 

75 % for a project (written Report (55%) and oral presentation (20%) and 25% for the final exam. Grading will be from 0 to 20. A passing grade corresponds to a minimum of 10.